SPECIAL Men’s Sunglasses : Timeless Sunglasses 2022

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SPECIAL Men’s Sunglasses : Timeless Sunglasses 2022

Men’s sunglasses are undoubtedly the most powerful style signature of recent decades. Here Icon-Icon has put together a collection of timeless sunglasses – to be worn in all seasons!

Special Men’s Sunglasses: Colours and Luxury Frames!

Because eyewear is first and foremost an expression of style, the position of eyewear in fashion, from the 11th century to the present day, is a fascinating story that is told in this book… Icon-Icon brings together the most timeless sunglasses for men. Sunglasses that combine chic, elegance and mystery to better underline the charisma of the wearer! Sunglasses that combine chic, elegance and mystery to better underline the charisma of the person wearing them!

Starting with the most iconic – the Persol 714 SM Steve McQueen. Many celebrities have gained a cult following for an eyewear model or brand simply by wearing it. John Lennon’s round glasses, Audrey Hepburn’s oversized frames or more recently James Bond’s Tom Ford Snowdon come to mind.

The Persol model, launched in the 1960s, was made popular by Steve McQueen. The actor wore them in the film The Thomas Crown Affair, released in 1968, in which McQueen starred alongside Faye Dunaway. The success was such that the star gave his name to the glasses, which became a cult item.

The second most iconic – and popular – model in the history of men’s sunglasses is the Ray Ban Aviator. Originally designed for American aviators in the 1930s, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses quickly became one of the most cult sunglasses in the world. After the Second World War, everything was in place for Ray Ban to become legendary.

Because just like jazz, rock, chewing gum or Zippos – Ray ban Aviators complete the GI’s panoply! True cultural icons, the Ray ban Aviator is becoming an element of pop culture. So iconic, in fact, that Ray ban Aviators have become a timeless sunglasses.

Men’s Sunscreens by French Luxury Houses

French luxury fashion houses have been reinventing the very purpose of men’s sunglasses every season. Among them, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine or Dior…

Louis Vuitton, with its 1.1 Evidence sunglasses for men, goes right to the heart of the matter. A pair of men’s sunglasses designed around the emblematic frame, itself cut by Virgil Abloh. Glasses where the monogram is discreetly embossed on the frame.

Chanel has reinterpreted the Pilote shape in this pair of men’s sunglasses that are more sensual than usual. The Chanel double C logo is engraved on the temples – in tone on tone!

The house of 30 Avenue Montaigne proposes devilishly modern sunglasses for men. A pair of men’s sunglasses signed Dior “twisted by an oversized hinge identified with the CD signature, the black acetate frame reveals grey lenses for a modern and elegant look” as the house describes it.

sunglasses man 2022

At Celine, the epitome of the chic style initiated by founder Celine Vipiana is distilled into a pair of graphic yet sleek sunglasses for men! Here are some iconic Celine men’s sunglasses.

Saint Laurent captures the chic of the Left Bank in this pair of men’s sunglasses – mysterious because they are rectangular. Bold, it reveals the attitude of a contemporary man, discreet but stylish!

Men’s Sunglasses… The Italian Way!

The house of Gucci offers a pair of rectangular sunglasses for men which smells good the seventies spirit. A pair of sunglasses with the Gucci logo, but in all discretion! This underlines the elegance and timelessness of this Gucci piece!

sunglasses man 2022

Versace’s logo is more prominent in this already iconic pair of men’s sunglasses. The sunglasses feature Versace’s Medusalogo – an opulent logo that Gianni Versace drew inspiration from Greek and Roman antiquity.

sunglasses man 2022

Finally, the Fendi sunglasses close this selection of the best men’s sunglasses.

These Havana sunglasses are a perfect example of the house’s imagination… The FF logo is repeated over and over in these green lenses with a silver mirror effect. A timeless signature imagined by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1960s. Proof, if any were needed, of the timeless aesthetic of these men’s sunglasses!