Omega’s Spring/Summer 2020 Sunglasses

From the house of Omega, we know the horological icons that are James Bond watches, and its exceptional calibers. This season, the house offers sunglasses that live up to its reputation of excellence!

A Watchmaking Heritage of Exceptional Sunglasses

Based on its expertise in terms of beauty and functionality, Omega draws the codes of these sunglasses from watchmaking.

Sunglasses created from the idea of ​​a fusion between retro feminine look and the iconic elements of the Susse house. Its historic logo and the vague pattern, echoing the Seamaster icon.

These new sunglasses are radiant, with their metallic frame in a sparkling rose gold! Like a setting sun. The warm hues of these feminine sunglasses highlight the details with a luxurious finish which Omega has already mastered with its timepieces.

For men, with the same timeless sophistication, Omega took hold of a myth of eyewear. The aviator model which, in a  pale gold design, exudes a bold and resolutely Italian look. Moreover, the frame itself, with its dark tortoiseshell pattern inserts, presents the bold Omega with the logo reminiscent of the iconic winding crown. Affixed on the end of the branches.

Finally, the unisex model with an innovative frame in acetate and a metal in shiny and black Palladium color introduces futuristic sophistication. A retro design with a sun visor and double deck, which provides refinement and protection. Glasses for basking or acting, with the same elegance as James Bond.

The All New Sunglasses: Dior 30 Montaigne

The New Sunglasses: Dior 30 Montaigne

The  pair of sunglasses that connect the headquarters of the House of Dior — a key inspiration that was the Avenue Montaigne on the creation of Monsieur Dior and on the history of fashion! 

Christian Dior and Avenue Montaigne

Even before becoming the most idolized fashion designer in the world, Christian Dior loved spending his afternoons on Avenue Montaigne – at the Plaza Athenee, to be precise. In fact, it was the plaza’s bar, with its sensual lines, that inspired his most iconic piece from his collection.

In fact, Christian Dior and Avenue Montaigne, was first the Tailleur Bar. The piece that revolutionized fashion overnight in 1947. This piece, thus put this history of fashion back on the rails of femininity – the feminine-flower was its return to modernity!

In reality, Christian Dior and Avenue Montaigne, even before the episode of Tailleur Bar,  was a story of passion. When Christian Dior secretly cherished the dream of becoming a fashion designer, he lost himself thinking of the headquarters of his future company. It had to be on Avenue Montaigne and he saw it nowhere else but there!

It was 1956 when Christian Dior acquired 30 Avenue Montaigne. Just a stone’s throw away from Plaza Athenee, his fashion house took place in a private residence. He thus noted in his memoir, “behind the small hotel from the beginning, a new eight-story building – eight workshops – which doubles another building, also eight stories.” noted Christian Dior in his memoires.

This private residence at 30 Avenue Montaigne thus became the lair of Dior couture. The historic headquarters of Monsieur’s couture house were, from floor to ceiling, the exact reflection of Dior taste. Gris Montaigne colors the walls with subtle elegance, the furniture emphasizes the panache of couture. With iconic caning.

It was the influence of 30 Avenue Montaigne of Monsieur’s couture that Maria Grazia Chuiri honored in 2019 with the 30 Montaigne handbag. A handbag became the inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2020 sunglasses.

The New Sunglasses: Dior 30 Montaigne

“ A dream office is a sanctuary for marvelous things.” This is how Christian Dior defined his workshops.

So, we could easily imagine that the latest sunglasses, Dior 30 Montaigne, carry within themselves the same sophistication.

With their oversize squared frames, the sunglasses Dior 30 Montaigne, give off a couture look.

Complemented by graphic branches, bearing the initials “CD”, they show an obvious elegance with several versions and colors. Black, tortoiseshell, ivory or even ultra-matte black and white – enough to artfully wear the key codes of Dior couture!

The Chanel Sunglasses Collection 2018


Last May, Chanel’s Cruise 2017/2018 runway left no one indifferent. Bringing his beauties into a modern antiquity, Karl Lagerfeld definitively linked Chanel’s heritage with that of humanity. Upon contact with this sleight of artistic richness, the brand’s icons became even more supple and extravagant. To accompany this powerful and unpredictable collection, two pairs of sunglasses also saw the light of day. The idea: revisit famous symbols from mythology.

One of the future icons of next season thus presents lenses framed by bay leaves. Adorned with these strongly significant symbols, a round frame is then circled with insets that recall the veins of these ultra-refined foliages. Made in a gilded metal and hand-chiseled, they delicately come together to give the visual effect of shivering in a light breeze. This style has a precious look with a twist. A second frame is fashioned in polished cellulose acetate and also uses one of Antiquity’s key characteristics: marble.

The rounded square edges are dressed up with large soft edgings. On each of them, new lenses protect the gaze like a discreet makeup. In a pink peach color, they delicately cloak the eyes. This  velvety color palette goes with any complexion to intensify a healthy, glowing effect. The brand also revisits two of its classics in this collection: the female XL square and the retro round. Equipped with a layered and ultra-thin lens, the soft powdery shades of the arms come together with a tortoiseshell color and a limpid grey. The ultimate Chanel detail: the soft acetate reveals the arms’ quilted framework.

In the same collection can also be found a style inspired by the Mademoiselle’s own look: the timeless butterfly. Redesigned in an ultra-feminine version and perched on arms that mix gilded, silvery, or pinkish metal with acetate, this pair of sunglasses gives the wearer a sporty elegance. Spring 2018 is also the occasion for Chanel to pursue their exploration of a futuristic aesthetic. A frame equipped with a clip-on lens gives these sunglasses a mask effect. In the original line, the colors of the lenses and the acetate come together in a harmonious union. This multi-faceted and versatile collection can be discovered now in Chanel stores.

Silver Sunglasses by Tom Davies for Meyrowitz


Meyrowitz Opticien is a brand as old as its tradition, founded in 1875 by Emil Bruno Meyrowitz, who was winding through the streets of New York as a traveling merchant back then. In 1922 he would anchor his name near the Place Vendôme, at 5 rue de Castiglione in Paris. The brand would soon be a pioneer in the field of optics. With a griffin as its emblem, Meyrowitz has paired its company with this beast’s majesty. Proudly held between its talons, a pair of glasses gives off a powerful and obvious symbolism.

Today, their Paris boutique offers exclusive and luxury glasses collection, where tradition and optical science come together around hand-made products. This year, the 15th anniversary of British designer Tom Davies’ brand is yielding an exclusive collection of its own. Since 2002, Tom Davies has offered custom services to his private clients. Known for his skillful designs and the refinement of his artisanal art, the excellence of his creations and his extraordinary vision for optical pieces made him a big name in the field. Correctly adjusted and exceptionally comfortable, elegant, and original frames: this is how one could describe Tom Davies’ creations.

Today, Meyrowitz is exclusively presenting the designer’s complete collection of men’s and women’s Silver 925 glasses, most notably including a pair of finely chiseled solid silver sunglasses. With an aviator shape and mirrored lenses, a combination of luxury and glamour descends upon this style that’s already iconic. Matte silver and the brilliance of orange, blue, or silver grey mirrored lenses are sure to give pizzaz to any look. We’ve definitely get our sights set on this object of desire!

Chanel Spring/Summer 2017 Pre-Collection Camellia Sunglasses


It’s no secret: the camellia and Mademoiselle Chanel were inseparable. The favored flower of dandies, fresh and balanced, Gabrielle made it one of the iconic totems of her brand. Today, more than a century after its introduction into Chanel’s noble and elegant repertoire, the label is now revisiting the camellia in an off-kilter women’s version, affixed onto sunglasses. Next season’s eyewear pre-collection is composed of two lines of sunglasses. While one plays with camellias, the other takes on pastel and neon colors.

On sporty and casual frames, a new story begins for the camellia. Black and white nylon petals flourish around black or rose-tinged mirrored lenses. Even better, a camellia in the shape of a butterfly finds its way onto a cat-eyed pair of frames. On the other hand, oval frames play with lively transparencies. These new sunglasses by Chanel take on a neon yellow, red, and blue look also, softened by tender pink or apple green. Their XXL lenses are riveted to the acetate of the frames themselves. Large and comfortable, these new styles adopt an (extra)ordinary camellia to make for a summer as sweet as it is on point. Exclusively in Chanel boutiques!

Ray-Ban Aviators


Before belonging to Ray-Ban, Aviators were sunglasses that were conceived by American optician Bausch & Lomb. It was in the early 30s that this New York-based optician got a special order from the US Air Force. They were looking for particularly filtered sunglasses for their pilots to protect them during maneuvers in strong light conditions. With the nature of their lenses and their extremely fine metallic frame, Bausch & Lomb’s aviators were a perfect fit and, in 1936, the optician was authorized to commercialize them. It was first under the name “Anti-Glare” that these unique lens-shaped glasses were released. The following year, the image was rethought and, under a new label, they were presented to the public – the Ray-Ban brand, specially created for the occasion, would henceforth be indissociable from the model.

An airy line and unparalleled efficiency that would soon light up faces across the world. The list of personalities that have worn them is too long to cite, but it’s safe to say that their carefully groomed and classy look as well as the glasses‘ ultraclear vision have made them the prerogative of anyone on a quest for liberty. All this has been going on for 80 years. But the model remains loyal to its legend: its yellow photochromatic lenses, sensitive to light and able to darken in accordance with light conditions and temperature, are perfect for seeing without being seen…