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Meyrowitz Opticien is a brand as old as its tradition, founded in 1875 by Emil Bruno Meyrowitz, who was winding through the streets of New York as a traveling merchant back then. In 1922 he would anchor his name near the Place Vendôme, at 5 rue de Castiglione in Paris. The brand would soon be a pioneer in the field of optics. With a griffin as its emblem, Meyrowitz has paired its company with this beast’s majesty. Proudly held between its talons, a pair of glasses gives off a powerful and obvious symbolism.

Today, their Paris boutique offers exclusive and luxury glasses collection, where tradition and optical science come together around hand-made products. This year, the 15th anniversary of British designer Tom Davies’ brand is yielding an exclusive collection of its own. Since 2002, Tom Davies has offered custom services to his private clients. Known for his skillful designs and the refinement of his artisanal art, the excellence of his creations and his extraordinary vision for optical pieces made him a big name in the field. Correctly adjusted and exceptionally comfortable, elegant, and original frames: this is how one could describe Tom Davies’ creations.

Today, Meyrowitz is exclusively presenting the designer’s complete collection of men’s and women’s Silver 925 glasses, most notably including a pair of finely chiseled solid silver sunglasses. With an aviator shape and mirrored lenses, a combination of luxury and glamour descends upon this style that’s already iconic. Matte silver and the brilliance of orange, blue, or silver grey mirrored lenses are sure to give pizzaz to any look. We’ve definitely get our sights set on this object of desire!

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