SPECIAL GIN : the best ones to offer for Father’s Day

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SPECIAL GIN : the best ones to offer for Father’s Day

As gin is the essential element of resolutely sophisticated cocktails, Icon-Icon has selected the best gins in the world to choose from among the most iconic… For Father’s Day!

SPECIAL GIN: the best gins for the season

To each his own way of drinking this beverage that made history… Because a certain craze has recently made gin the resolutely sophisticated ingredient of cocktails of all kinds. From the mythical Martini to the Cosmopolitan — spirits have been erected in nectar rich in evocations. Sophistication, elegance and power… The gin, alone or in cocktail, gives in the mouth subtlety and excellence!

And to each gin distillery its way of working this part of the history of taste. If this spirit comes from a composition born in the spirit of the monks, then in that of the alchemists, this alcohol entered the pantheon of sophistication during the eighteenth century.

Today, Icon-Icon selects the best gins in the world for Father’s Day. An opportunity, if one was really needed, to taste this spirit!

It is the Citadelle distillery that opens this Special Gin. This, with two innovative gins. The first is Citadelle Gin Original — a delicately floral gin with a remarkably velvety nose. The recipe for the Citadelle Gin is based on one of the first gin produced in France at the Citadelle of Dunkirk.

Their exceptional tastes, the Citadelle gins derive them from their production made in small Charente copper stills heated with bare fire… An innovation!

Gin for Father's Day

A «hand-sewn» gin that, since 1996, revolutionizes and gives back to taste at this end of the history of France, in a purely contemporary spirit.

The second is called the Summer Garden. Poetic and wonderfully balanced by its progressive infusion method, the Citadelle Summer Garden gin is a new taste journey. This aromatic spirit is composed of 22 plants, the main ones being juniper berries, orange bark, lemons, yuzu bark and Charente melon…

A gin described by the distillery as : «fruity and floral, this new creation with a resolutely assertive character is also distinguished by its personality at the same time peppery and mentholated.»

You can enjoy Citadelle gin throughout the summer season on the brand new summer rooftop of the Terrass” Hotel – the Cabanon Perché!

Gin for Father's Day

Still among these Made in France spirits, we find the gin Comte de Grasse N°44 Original. Nestled on the French Riviera, the Count de Grasse innovates here with a gin with Grassois pedigree. Flavours, intriguing aromas and luxury — the Comte de Grasse gin lets you taste rare plants in gin, salicorne, grapefruit, jasmine, sichuan pepper, centifolia pink… magnified by revolutionary distillation techniques.

Plants accessible in this cradle of perfumery that is Grasse… We find the age-old techniques for distilling perfumes that make Grasse’s reputation in perfect harmony with our innovative way of making spirits. The heritage of techniques for which the region is world-famous goes perfectly with our precision close to the atomic level. Our goal is to imagine the spirits of tomorrow by keeping Provence in our minds, our hearts and near our palaces. Being so close to everything we need to distill the Comte de Grasse spirits sustainably, the richness of its ecosystem has no price» notes the very chic distillery.

Gin for Father's Day

Botaniets is since 2020 the only gin distilled without alcohol. Behind this original position, we find the Belgian company Niets. A daring gin that retains all the panache of the aromas of this alcohol… A spirit whose signature is described by the distillery: Based on rosemary, cardamom, juniper berries and fresh tangerine peel, it is the first non-alcoholic gin to be distilled and typed like a real gin. His secret of manufacture? Aroma amplification and a long 7-day manufacturing, while a traditional gin with alcohol takes only 3 hours…” Gin without alcohol Botaniets

Gin for Father's Day

Refreshing and with a deliciously grassy aroma, Botaniets is the ideal gin for summer cocktails. Especially when the company Niets takes care to suggest amazing recipes!

Another spirit produced in France—Generous Bio gin. This incomparable spirit was developed and bottled near Cognac. And it is in an exclusive design that this refined distillate flows.

Gin for Father's Day

For its production, Generous Bio uses the best neutral alcohol to better let spices and herbs relax their aromas. Juniper berries, citrus peel, grey peppercorns, oleander berries and lime… It is in total harmony that the Generous Bio spirit releases a fresh and floral nose like a summer garden. On the palate, the Generous gin is balanced, fruity and sweet, but intensely charming! We find especially the Coriander and the Combava.

Still in France, but close to Calvados this time, the Nomindia distillery, in the hands of the third generation of producers… And it is precisely Pierre, at the head of the company, who after a trip to India, discovered a civilization, its flavors, its smells and its colors. As a big fan of spirits, he decides to produce, in the family distillery, his version of spirits! the gin nomindia.

It is in a traditional column of Calvados that the distillery works the Nomindia gin as a learned blend made of juniper, clove, ginger, a note of lily, apple, orange, cinnamon and… seven other botanical ingredients kept secret!

The result? An incisive note of apple, orange peel and cinnamon. Nomindia spirits are tasty, balanced and fabulous to taste.

Here’s the Acrobate! A French spirit from organic farming produced in small quantities through a unique distillation process that the distillery jealously keeps secret…

Gin for Father's Day

A perfect balance between freshness and fruit, classicism and exoticism, technique and poetry, L’Acrobate is a gin that makes the perfect gift fo Father’s day! A gin with a fresh, iodized touch adds just the right amount to the lush bouquet of exotic fruits.

The June Gin introduced for this summer two gins whose aromas speak for themselves. Two offers that are all the more interesting for Father’s Day, so let them ignite the taste!

The first June Gin, June Pear Royale & Cardamone, has fresh and fruity aromas, complemented by elegant notes of pear subtly spicy… On the palate, this spirit enhances its tasting around a nice balance and a pleasant roundness, punctuated with a spicy touch.

Gin for Father's Day

The second summer opus of June Gin is the June Pêche de Vigne & Fruits d’Eté. A sweet and fruity spirit that inspires delicate aromas of peach and summer fruits. Round and flavorful, it relaxes the palate around a finish that spreads in gluttony!

here’s another innovative gin. A spirit born in Cognac, from the flowering of grapes – the Fleurs de Vigne – concocted by the winemaker turned master distiller, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, at the head of Maison Villevert. It is a long process of successive distillations that gives this spirit all its splendour!

The house explains: “The different essences of vine flowers and aromatic plants such as juniper berry, green cardamom, cubèbe berry, licorice, lime, coriander, quassia amara, The nutmeg and ginger are then assembled in proportions held secret and again distilled handcrafted in the Lily Flower, a copper still designed specifically for G’Vine Flowering.This final step provides a gin that expresses a unique sweetness and freshness in the gins category.”

Gin for Father's Day

Finally, for those whose parents are spirits lovers… Icon-Icon has found Baccae — the Marais distillery that offers to make its gin to measure in its workshops in Paris! A unique experience to discover here that we had the chance to test! For two hours, from the selection of ingredients to the tasting of your own gin, you will be taken to the world of a distillery in the heart of Paris!

A distillery that also produces Gin N°01 Baccae. A gin that macerates for 4 days, before undergoing a cold extraction by rotary evaporation, to take this special taste…

A fresh gin, as described in its tasting note «a beautiful aromatic palette complementing the juniper, with a subtle balance brought by herbaceous and citrus notes.»