SPECIAL BOOKS On Cartier: Majesty in Jewellery

This special on Cartier books focuses on three books to better capture the audacity, originality and splendor of jewelry created by the expertise of the house of Cartier. Three beautiful books that retrace the dexterity, vintage or modern, with which Cartier has always worked on the rare and the sublime of precious stones!

If the name of Cartier still resonates today as the most prestigious of fine jewelry, it is because the house has been able to renew and revolutionize like no other the work on diamonds, and the design of jewelry … Nicknamed at the beginning of the 20th century “The Jewelers of Kings and King of Jewelers” by Edouard VII, the fate and history of the Cartier house very quickly crossed paths with that of the history of European aristocracies. And not only that!

A true cornerstone of French history, the Cartier house has also known how to carry the French spirit in its creations … Even during the darkest moments of history!

In the history and present of the Maison Cartier, we still come across aesthetic movements, and the names behind their first adoption. Exceptional jewels for European crowns, to Art Nouveau initiated by Jeanne Toussaint, to the chic underground of Aldo Cipullo in the 60s… This special on Cartier books focuses on three beautiful books – to read or to devour to better enjoy the cozy universe of the jeweler from 2 rue de la Paix.

Cipullo: Making Jewelry Modern, The Latest Of Cartier Fine Books

In 2021, the latest of Cartier’s fine books is signed by the famous Assouline publishing house … Cipullo: Making Jewelry Modern is a very beautiful book that offers, in a boxed volume, a rare knowledge of Aldo Cipullo’s creativity.

Who is Aldo Cipullo? The artist through whom modernity entered jewelry through the front door. We owe him the absolute icons that are the Love bracelet and Juste Un Clou.

“I believe in radical change in jewelry. It should be more fun! If you have a Louis XVI desk, you can have a Le Corbusier chair next to it. It’s the same with jewelry. […] I choose a stone as I would for a bedroom decor, after all color is a state of mind “Aldo Cipullo.

Preface by his brother Renato Cipullo, this book comes to offer a plethora of information, images and anecdotes to better, perhaps, pierce the eminently creative personality that was that of Aldo Cipullo!

Both iconic and timeless, intimate and universal, the pieces imagined by Aldo Cipullo indeed proceed from an incredible talent, but from a very enigmatic personality. A personality that this beautiful work intends to enlighten here.

Produced under the direction of jewelry historian Vivienne Becker, this book retraces, through captivating images, the creations of Aldo Cipullo … But where this book by Assouline editions succeeds above all others is in illustrating, through images and intimate anecdotes, the meeting between modernity and the splendor of which Cartier has made himself master!

The Cartier Book by Hans Nadelhoffer: The History of Cartier Art

This book contains what is, perhaps, the most comprehensive work when it comes to the history of Cartier art. And we owe it to Hans Nadelhoffer, an expert at Christie’s in the jewelry department, since 1969.

Perhaps Hans Nadelhoffer was so captivated by the finery he saw signed by Cartier, that he put his career on hiatus for four years to better unravel the mystery.

Between 1980 and 1984, Hans Nadelhoffer devoted himself to the research and writing of this book. And what a result!

Reprinted three times since its first edition in 1984, the Cartier book by Hans Nadelhoffer is a compendium of the history of Cartier art. Documented, rich in anecdotes and abundant in sometimes very rare iconography – this book traces the grandiose history of the pieces coming out of the Cartier workshops!

Watchmaking pieces like the Tank or the Pasha, finery with extraordinary stones also like the Diamant Hope and the Oiseau Libéré… This work traces the thread of Cartier’s daring and inventiveness, through the prism of clients and creations the most refined! In the prism of aesthetic movements, too!

“From the turn of the century, Cartier imposed its specificity by turning its back on Art Nouveau in favor of the famous Guirlande style, a subtle interpretation of an 18th century style whose harmonious lines were better suited to fine jewelry. Then came Art Deco, the influence of the Ballets Russes, from the East or from China. which will inspire the house of new shapes and colors ”thus indicates the Editions du Regard, the house behind this very beautiful special Cartier book.

Sold out for more than ten years, this new edition is likely to experience the same success as the previous ones!

Cartier, Etourdissant: The Reversing Book

September 2008. The editions of Regards surprise again with the publication of a book retracing the splendid creativity of Cartier since 1937. Written by Nadine Coleno, a pen behind many works of fashion and fine art, this book focuses on the emotion produced by the most exceptional Cartier body of work!

This selection, illustrated in a beautiful 240-page book, sheds light on the unparalleled inventiveness of the Cartier house. And since the legend of Cartier jewelry finds its meaning on the necks of the actresses or stars they adorn … The Cartier book, Etourdissant puts these fabulous finery side by side and the characters who once wore them. Or better, ordered!

Fictitious or real, in films or on the red carpets, on order or for a loan… We thus find sublime pictures giving a little more body to these extraordinary creations.

For example, Mexican actress Maria Felix and her crocodile Cartier – the most fluid piece of jewelry the house has ever created, at her request, in the 1970s.

It is again the actress Merle Oberon who wears a necklace ordered from Cartier in 1938. A flexible necklace, in round diamonds and 29 graduated emerald cabochons. One wonder among many others revealed by these 240 glossy pages! The conclusion of this special Cartier books …