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Snoop Dogg : Style Icon

Snoop Dogg has some of the most innovative – and catchy – songs of the time. But beyond his status as a music legend, Snoop Dogg is also a style icon!

Snoop Dogg : Music Legend and Fashion Icon

Following his recent historical performance at the 2022 Super-Bowl halftime, Snoop Dogg has undoubtedly written his name across the firmament of artists… And while many rappers have been competing for several years to brighten up the fashion world, Snoop Dogg has done all the more so.

Snoop Dogg Super-Bowl 2022

With hits from the heady ‘What’s my Name’ to the sulfurous but always cool ‘Sexual eruption’ – Snoop Dogg also contributed to influence fashion like no other.

We find in his stage presence an irrepressible taste of cool which shows in the choice made for his outfits. On stage or in real life, Snoop Dogg’s music closely follows the evolution of his style, which is reflected even on the podiums.

Snoop Dogg 2 pac
Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur (Photo by Kevin Mazur Archive/WireImage)

It must be said that his impressive wardrobe – where we spot a few pieces worn multiple times – reflects both the changes in which rap stars dress and the way he himself dresses.

Throwback on this change according to the history of gangsta rap, as recounted in this book.

gangsta rap by pierre evil

What are Snoop Dogg’s key fashion items?

The tracksuits, the odd or impressive hats, and the Converse Chuck Taylor!

Like many artists, Snoop’s looks often goes hand in hand with his music. From the days of the first Doggystyle album when we see him wearing long plaid shirts, baggy jeans and Cross Colors jackets… or From the post-R&G Rhythm & Gangsta era when more flashy look are apparent…

snoop doog look

Following the album The Masterpiece, Snoop Dogg was seen embracing a style assembled around fur coats and gold jewelry galore, using funky gimmicks and feathers – This style was deemed similar to another rapper’s named Don “Magic” Juan.

snoop doog look

Recently, Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion – a reincarnation explained in the great book by Rizzoli–he is now is interested in the reggae look. Sporting red, green and gold tracksuits and longer dreads than usual!

But Snoop is a style icon, versatile and complex — allowing himself everything, and having fun with everything.

We see him wearing pieces straight off the catwalk – and in particular those of Gucci.

With his Gucci slip-ons, or even his supreme GG canvas sweater worn to receive his star on Hollywood Boulevard, while seeking to thank himself first and foremost for his success…

snoop doog look

We saw him carry a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag on his arm, breaking gender assigned to this bag…

Yes, Snoop Dogg is not afraid to play with fashion! And in return fashion adores it.

In 2022, Gucci made him the face of its exuberant Gucci Love Parade campaign. Spectacular in this Hollywood Golden Age glamor concept, Snoop Dogg wears a water green suit.

snoop doog look gucci

Here is a look which embodies all the charisma of Snoop – who, in the song ‘Beautiful’ with Pharell Williams, already breathed to life his relaxing composure! Also proving in the song Still D.R.E featuring Dr. Dre, that he will always be the same.

snoop doog look

We then plunge with delight into this bookwhich retraces this colorful personality impacting the music and fashion industry… Through his favorite food and cocktail recipes!

And keep your eyes peeled for his next date in Paris! The I Wanna Thank Me Tour, makes a stop next September.