Safety Pin Dress and Versace Scarf For SS 2022

Fluid, sensational, and incredibly sexy — the Versace collection for SS 2022 pushes its icons into the limelight: the Safety Pin Dress and the Versace Scarf!

Donatella Versace galvanises the Versace Icons

In a playful and pop palette. In Milan, the Safety Pin Dress and the Scarf were paired together to create Happy Black silhouettes, though this time as fun as they were sexy; all you have to do is see the SS 2022 take on the most scandalous dress of the 90s: the Safety Pin Dress.

safety pin dress

Worn by Elizabeth Hurley in 1994, the Safety Pin Dress entered the collective imagination as Versace’s sexiest and most influential garment. In 2022, it swaps the gold of these safety pins for candy pink, orange, and lime green! It is lined with a Versace scarf of Miami neon hues, which refer to Gianni Versace’s flagship city. The Safety Pin Dress gains sensuality for a season that promises to be sexier than usual.

safety pin dress

“The scarf is a fundamental component of Versace’s heritage and character. It’s acted as a canvas for our iconic prints and is worn in multiple ways from knotted tops to headscarves to bag accessories, it’s a way of adding Versace attitude to any look. The scarf has been with us since the very beginning of the brand, but this season turns everything on its head, it is no longer fluid or dreamy, the scarf is provocative, sexy, tightly wound,” specifies Donatella Versace.

safety pin dress

Further on, it’s the iconic Medusa logo that serves as suspenders for immaculately cut vinyl dresses. Sexy, fluid, colorful and purely pop; Versace’s SS 2022 collection sets the tone for an optimism-filled season!