Rouge Coco Flash: New Shades in View

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Rouge Coco Flash: New  Shades in View

Chanel lipsticks unfolds its full depth collection with around 12 new shades. A pop as well as sensual!

Chanel Lipstick: Le Rouge Coco Flash

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” The words of Mademoiselle, apostle of an elegance that has revolutionized fashion and femininity, ring true!

Especially when you notice the passion and allure that sign Chanel lipsticks. The new Rouge Coco Flash, released in 2019, is extremely powerful.

Light and soft, melting on the lips, it leaves in its wake a strong and precise color wash. Its consistency is obtained from a mixture of mimosa, jojoba and sunflower oils – the result? Rouge Coco Flash is extremely hydrating. What is even better is, the pigments, reflecting the light, distill the perfect balance between color and shine.

This time, the Rouge Coco Flash color chart was completed with 12 shades. Pop of colors and daring!

Embodied by Lily-Rose Depp, the Chanel attitude is deployed around sweet or striking shades.

Coiled in the iconic glass tube, the Rouge Coco Flash signs the radiance of a smile, in a simple and precise gesture.

Mood’s deep aubergine tint…the bright red-orange of the Lively tint. Easy, the sweet pink or Freeze the pearl pink. Fuchsias, plums or chocolates — the colors fuse and don’t look alike. The simplest is to choose, depending on mood and desire. The Chanel way!