Portraits de thés

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Tea is one of mankind’s oldest delicacies – this beautiful book offers to plunge into the heart of the production tradition of the great tea countries… An immobile journey from China to Sri Lanka via Hawaii and Peru.

Author :Joelle Danies, Lydia Gautier, Rebecca Rübcke

Publisher :Delachaux et niestlé

Date of Release : Octobre 2018

It can be black, green, yellow, red, from China, Scotland or Colombia… We have all drunk it, but what do we really know about tea?

Behind each tea, there is a history and, above all, a geographical origin that has helped shape it, as well as the inventiveness of a producer. This is what Lydia Gautier, an agricultural engineer and tea expert, invites you to discover. Here she presents 119 teas from all over the world, from the great classics to the little-known ones for which she has fallen in love. Each tea is conceived as a portrait, magnified by a refined photograph and accompanied by specific preparation and sommelier advice, which will allow you to appreciate all its subtleties.

Whether you are already a fan or just curious, this portrait gallery opens the doors to the rich world of this iconic drink.