Issey Miyake (XL)

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What is the Miyake pleat? Why is Issey Miyake now one of the most sought-after, and inevitably the most hype, names in the world? The house has always been attached to the poetry of movement, and this XL book offers a unique insight into the textile and aesthetic innovations developed by Issey Miyake! A limited edition, it contains a wealth of information crucial to any aspiring fashion designer.

Author: Kazuko Koike

Publishing House: Taschen

Publication Date: April 2016

Description : This limited Collector’s Edition offers a definitive history of Issey Miyake design. Initiated and conceived by Midori Kitamura, the monograph traces Miyake’s material and technical innovations since the earliest days of his career, including the Body Series of the 1980s and such practical, everyday designs as Pleats Please pieces.