Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Haute Couture

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Authors: Suzy Menkes, Olivier Flaviano, Jéromine Savignon

Publishing House: La Martinière

Publication Date: 2019

The complete haute couture collections, 1962-2002.

This collection of runway photographs offers the first comprehensive look at all of Yves Saint Laurent’s haute couture collections, from the opening of his house in 1962 to his farewell in 2002. A tribute to the legendary designer, this book covers forty years of creation, from the iconic 1966 women’s tuxedo to dazzling art-inspired designs: Mondrian dresses, richly embroidered Van Gogh jackets, and Cubist capes, to name just a few, not to mention the famous “Opera-Ballet Russes” collection. This book brings together the enlightened contributions of Suzy Menkes, Jéromine Savignon, Olivier Flaviano and the Yves Saint Laurent Paris Museum, author of the texts presenting the collections and retrospectives. It is a unique opportunity to follow from season to season the genius of the designer who revolutionized the wardrobe of the modern woman.

With over 1,000 iconic photographs, this treasure trove of inspiration is an indispensable reference for fashion professionals and admirers of Yves Saint Laurent.