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  • Portraits de thés

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    Tea is one of mankind’s oldest delicacies – this beautiful book offers to plunge into the heart of the production tradition of the great tea countries… An immobile journey from China to Sri Lanka via Hawaii and Peru.

    Author :Joelle Danies, Lydia Gautier, Rebecca Rübcke

    Publisher :Delachaux et niestlé

    Date of Release : Octobre 2018

    It can be black, green, yellow, red, from China, Scotland or Colombia… We have all drunk it, but what do we really know about tea?

    Behind each tea, there is a history and, above all, a geographical origin that has helped shape it, as well as the inventiveness of a producer. This is what Lydia Gautier, an agricultural engineer and tea expert, invites you to discover. Here she presents 119 teas from all over the world, from the great classics to the little-known ones for which she has fallen in love. Each tea is conceived as a portrait, magnified by a refined photograph and accompanied by specific preparation and sommelier advice, which will allow you to appreciate all its subtleties.

    Whether you are already a fan or just curious, this portrait gallery opens the doors to the rich world of this iconic drink.

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  • Passion thé

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    Linda Gaylard reveals the traditions surrounding tea – shedding light on the true rituals of tea tasting, to better understand the subtleties of this pleasure!

    Author :Linda Gaylard

    Publisher : Dorling Kindersley

    Date of Release : Octobre 2016

    Passion Tea explores the fascinating world of this refined and ancient product. From ancestral cultural traditions to new ways of consuming tea, embark on a sensory journey and an invitation to discovery.

    How to choose your tea, leaf or bag? What is the difference between Oolong and Pu’er? How to cook with tea? A true reference work on tea, this book reveals all the essential knowledge and tips to make each tasting a moment of pleasure: differences between the varieties of tea, preparation and conservation advice, geographical origins…
    Behind the tea, much more than a cup and a bag, there is also a whole universe to explore. A world of history and mystery, travel and industry, culture and tradition. Inheriting ceremonies with demanding rituals, this book contains 100 original recipes: tea-based cocktails, cold brews, lattes borrowed from coffee…

    Whether you want to learn about the different varieties of tea, discover the subtleties of the traditions surrounding its tasting or explore new tasty experiences, beginners and experienced tea lovers alike will find something to satisfy their curiosity about tea in this unique book.

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  • Tea Sommelier

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    160 illustrated lessons to better understand the art of tea – advice from sommeliers, tea tasters…

    Author : François Xavier Delmas, Mathias Minet, Laurianne Tiberghien

    Publisher : Éditions du Chêne

    Date of Release : Octobre 2016

    An educational and uncomplicated approach
    to know everything about tea…

    Tea tasting techniques, good tea and food pairing,
    the tea plant and its cultivation, the best teas in the world, the uses of tea in cooking…
    Each page has been designed as a small stand-alone lesson, dealing with a single theme.

    Our promise?

    No matter how much time you have – two minutes or an hour
    by opening this book, you will always learn something about tea.
    To make you want to go further, to deepen your knowledge and – who knows? – to make you feel like a tea sommelier!

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  • Histoire terroirs saveurs

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    Discovering the different territories of teas and their subtleties… This book sheds an interesting light on the saving effects of tea, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds…

    Author : Jonathan Racine

    Publisher : Éditions de l’Homme

    Date of Release: Décembre 2016

    The first complete book on the history of tea finally reissued! A must-have book that is more up-to-date and comprehensive than ever.

    Originating in China, sung by poets, adored by emperors, tea has crossed all borders to become the most consumed drink in the world. Whether they come from the first harvests of spring, from mysterious sacred mountains or from the highest gardens, all teas tell a story, reveal a know-how, evoke landscapes.

    A beautiful book to discover the different terroirs of China, Taiwan, India, Japan and other important producing countries, to explore the culture of these countries and the different rituals associated with tea and to learn how to taste it to appreciate all its aromas.

    The authors highlight the virtues of this beverage, which is rich in antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds, based on the results of serious studies on the consumption of certain teas in infusion.

    To complete this real world tour of tea, recipes are proposed at the end of the book.

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  • L’art du thé

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    The history and art of living tea explained by Joseph Wesley Uhl, a great connoisseur and enthusiast of this delicacy.

    Author: Joseph Wesley Uhl

    Publisher : Chronique

    Date of Release : Octobre 2016

    – Tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world
    – A detailed presentation of the history of tea
    – A comprehensive description of the methods of tea preparation
    – Innovative recipes for iced teas, cocktails and exotic blends
    – Beautiful pictures

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