Histoire terroirs saveurs

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Discovering the different territories of teas and their subtleties… This book sheds an interesting light on the saving effects of tea, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds…

Author : Jonathan Racine

Publisher : Éditions de l’Homme

Date of Release: Décembre 2016

The first complete book on the history of tea finally reissued! A must-have book that is more up-to-date and comprehensive than ever.

Originating in China, sung by poets, adored by emperors, tea has crossed all borders to become the most consumed drink in the world. Whether they come from the first harvests of spring, from mysterious sacred mountains or from the highest gardens, all teas tell a story, reveal a know-how, evoke landscapes.

A beautiful book to discover the different terroirs of China, Taiwan, India, Japan and other important producing countries, to explore the culture of these countries and the different rituals associated with tea and to learn how to taste it to appreciate all its aromas.

The authors highlight the virtues of this beverage, which is rich in antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds, based on the results of serious studies on the consumption of certain teas in infusion.

To complete this real world tour of tea, recipes are proposed at the end of the book.