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At the heart of the Fall/Winter 2016 collection is a piece that was particularly attention-grabbing – a piece cut like a winter jacket using the most exquisite of leathers. Pash leather is born from the craftsmanship of Tod’s workshops, but also from a special attention to style influenced by the unique philosophy that accompanies the moniker “Made in Italy”. Form and function are brought together to allow the extreme quality of the leathers the pleasure of conveying beauty and elegance. The versatile Pash Leather is surprising because it can add style to any look.

The fabrication process itself is nothing short of a stylistic exercise. It takes four distinct stages to give the piece its raw, shiny look – supple, tender leather brush-painted then faded to obtain its purely elegant contrasts. Once polished, the piece gains in classicism but remains just as powerful. The Pash leather jacket is no doubt the iconic piece in the coming winter’s wardrobe – for any man who knows quality when he sees it.

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