Monsieur Dior: The restaurant, 30 avenue Montaigne.

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Monsieur Dior: The restaurant, 30 avenue Montaigne.

The epicentre of Dior couture since the founder’s beginnings presents the restaurant Monsieur Dior — a epicurean, tasty and gourmet hotspot orchestrated by Chef Jean Imbert.

Monsieur Dior: The gastronomic vision of Dior

Inaugurated a few months ago, the flagship of Dior opened a new page in its history. Since March 6, 2022, 30 Avenue Montaigne has been home to a new place — Christian Dior’s kingdom of dreams now opens on new installations… A sumptuous boutique, an exhibition space, a private suite and a restaurant. The Restaurant Monsieur Dior !

And everything here radiates Dior’s iconic couture and codes. Designed by architect Peter Marino, in the heart of the dining room, you will find the houndstool print on the chairs, the glasses and the Dior Maison table set engraved with the mythical cannage

Above all, it is the delicacy and the taste of Christian Dior himself that Chef Jean Imbert convey through dishes with evocative names.

The “New look” truffle croque, the “Christian Dior” soft-boiled egg sliding on its bed of caviar and cream… A hand-sewn cooking that has the grace and elegance to respect the seasons.

Jean Imbert explains: “The inspirations are those of Monsieur Dior himself… We worked a lot in the archives around the drawings he had, around his world directly related to cooking. That’s what I wanted to find in the restaurant Monsieur Dior. We find on the menu the egg Christian Dior, a recipe he ate for the first time in Granville. The Catherine salad, in homage to his sister.

What’s interesting about this place is that we have handmade crafts… As much as Haute Couture dresses are handmade in the workshops, as much in the kitchen, the cooks make the dishes with the fresh fish that arrive, with the vegetables… There is pastry too…”.

Delicacies inspired once more, by the world of Dior—including a star-shaped pastry: reference to the symbol that decided Christian Dior to embark on his dream of becoming a designer.

Monsieur Dior is therefore a unique restaurant, which enables to experience the “art de vivre” of Christian Dior himself: from the meals to the dishes and also through these walls that have sheltered the genius of the designer-founder!

Reservation at the +33(0)140735363.