Lacoste crocodile celebrating Christmas 2021

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Lacoste crocodile celebrating Christmas 2021

The most iconic of all crocodiles, the Lacoste crocodile, takes center stage for the first time in its history, in an animated film directed by Elsa Muse – a film as mischievous as it is biting!

Lacoste crocodile: Elsa Muse stages the iconic logo

While we know the cultural impact of the Lacoste crocodile, we know a little less about the personality of the person behind this animal mascot. Because the Lacoste crocodile is first of all René Lacoste – talented tennis player, nicknamed the crocodile on the courts for his incisive and often victorious game!

But the man who helped give France their first Davis Cup victory is also and above all the man behind the invention of the Lacoste polo shirt. “Playing and winning is not enough. You still have to master your style. These words, we owe them to René Lacoste in person. The tennis champion who was the first to help bring sport and fashion together …

In 1927, René Lacoste indeed entrusted the stylist Robert George with drawing him the symbol of his game. The crocodile thus stylized – René Lacoste immediately had it embroidered on all his blazers.

Today, the Lacoste logo is recognized for signing pieces that are as aesthetic as they are practical. So inevitably, the staging of Christmas 2021 takes on a mischievous air! In a playful and quirky animated film, creator and director Elsa Muse (Studio Mumuse) stars the icon in a role where he uses his inventiveness to create a clever gift-wrapping machine.

“Sitting at his desk, the Crocodile finishes designing his latest invention: The Lacoste Gift Packing Machine. With a precise and elegant gesture, he sends a tennis ball to the other side of the room to activate the mechanism of a Lacoste perfume packaging machine, ”adds the house.

The mini-film is also the result of meticulous work since all the elements of the film were made in miniature, on a 1/7 scale. “750 photos were selected and assembled, each of them punctuating the gestures and expressions of the character and his extraordinary machine,” says the Maison Lacoste.

Better still, Elsa Muse has immersed herself in the archives of the house to draw a narration faithful to the values ​​of the charismatic founder! Watch this dreamlike and charming film here, until December 24.