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Iconic Selection Of Iconic Chocolates

How to choose the chocolate that will contribute to engrave this delicious sensation in the memory? Icon-Icon has gathered here the emblematic chocolates, to devour alone or accompanied!

Chocolate Selection: Iconic Delicacies

Since it conquered the world’s palates in the 1500s, chocolate has never ceased to amaze the taste buds. A delicacy that has become a true cultural phenomenon, chocolate has long since abandoned its origins to allow a true art of living to blossom around its humble cocoa bean… And if in France chocolate is a fully-fledged element of gastronomy – it is to the Infanta Anne of Austria, wife of Louis XIII, that we owe the initiation of a whole country to this delicacy from elsewhere…

Aphrodisiac, divine, gourmand and eminently tasty – Icon-Icon has gathered here the iconic chocolates… Those whose tasting is engraved in the memory!

And among the master chocolatiers who know how to sublimate the cocoa bean like no one else, we find in this chic and gourmet selection the names of Pierre Marcolini, Pierre Hermé, Alain Ducasse, Jean Paul Hévin, Patrick Roger, Hugo & Victor and more.. Each, in its own way, demonstrating the multiple and inspired facets of meticulously selected cocoa beans.

In this iconic selection, Icon-Icon has gathered a plural choice of milk chocolates, aiming to give the very essence of chocolate a very special character…

Starting with the shelves and boxes signed Jean Paul Hévin. If we owe Jean Paul Hévin the making of these original and extremely exquisite chocolates… It is because the master chocolatier learned from Joël Robuchon this aspiration to offer new pleasures. Gastronomy as a vector of new discoveries – Jean Paul Hévin relies on an overflowing creativity to create the most exquisite chocolates in the galaxy!

Whether inspired by the King Kong of the artist Richard Orlinski, or the Harcourt glass… Jean Paul Hévin distills in his chocolates an artistic sensitivity coupled with the craziest aromas of chocolate. Always in search of new great cocoa vintages, Jean Paul Hévin has been offering a light and airy vision of the art of chocolate making since 1987, when he opened his first boutique. A vision to taste in these tablets, selected by Icon-Icon.

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We will also enjoy Pierre Marcolini’s chocolates – the World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2020. For more than 20 years, Pierre Marcolini has been at the head of his eponymous company, perfecting the art of chocolate making – from the bean to the bar. One of the few chocolate makers to roast its own beans offers here to taste a milk chocolate composed as a clever mix of heritages and influences…

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Another maestro of chocolate, genius of the osmosis of flavors a little more spectacular in the mouth … Patrick Roger! Patrick Roger’s turquoise boxes contain the most delicious chocolates. The imagination of this famous master chocolatier knows no limits, so much so that his knowledge of how to shape the delicacy has no constraints. That’s how much flavor is hidden in this milk chocolate bar.

The icon of chocolate makers, Alain Ducasse, is also present in this selection with a signature bar of milk chocolate from Madagascar – a signature of one of the few workshops where chocolate is made by hand, from the cocoa bean to the bar!

What would an iconic selection of iconic chocolates be without mentioning Pierre Hermé’s divine chocolates? The signature of this master chocolatier once again gives pride of place to the most precious chocolates on the planet… Particularly in this bar selected because it literally gives a taste of Pierre Hermé’sreputation for excellence!

Finally, a new big name in Parisian chocolate will soon be on everyone’s lips… Literally!

Alleno and Rivoire chocolates, a new vision born from the association of the great Chef Yannick Alléno and Pastry Chef Aurélien Rivoire… “It’s a rather crazy project. Because we decided, with Aurélien, to make available to the world of chocolate our research of the last few years on sauces… Because sauces are the verb of French cuisine. And we have been working on chocolate sauces. And 80% of the interest of a culinary preparation is in the sauces… “. Yannick Alléno sums up the incredible gastronomic adventure in which he and Pastry Chef Aurélien Rivoire are embarking today…

Best Chocolates

The idea? Neither more nor less than that of revolutionizing this great classic around a very different culinary style of chocolate.

Here are so many great chocolates, real pieces of a tradition that is an art of living … To devour without question!