History Piaget Possession Bracelet : News of an Icon

History Piaget Possession Bracelet : News of an Icon

The story of the Piaget Possession bracelet is one of a jewelry icon. A bracelet signed by Piaget that embodies the universal whirlwind of feeling in sublime jewelry in diamonds or rose gold…

History Piaget Possession Bracelet : Wanted items

Possession Piaget. It is a collection of jewelry edited since 1990, with the same will : to exceed each year the creative audacity of Piaget. Indeed, the Swiss Manufacture has succeeded in combining its jewelry know-how with recognized expertise in the manufacture of extra-flat mechanical movements.

From this meeting of exceptional talents, Piaget has become a master in the art of creating luxurious bracelets that are astonishingly discreet. In 1986, the watchmaker launched the Dancer collection, offering women jewelry sets that are astonishingly discreet… Under the aegis of Richemont, Piaget launches into jewelry innovation.

This is how the jeweler launched the Possession bracelet in 1990. And today, the house honors a bracelet, or rather a talisman; a bracelet that spins to watch over all loves.

A hyper-discreet chic, elegant as can be; white gold, diamonds, a refined design of two rings in one: that’s all it takes. Piaget Possession has the power to spin endlessly. The theme of circular movement is reminiscent of the cycle of life.

History Piaget Possession Bracelet 2023

Thus Piaget gives an account of a more organic bracelet, as the attire is an extension of our life, a trace, an indelible memory of a past to embrace. The wedding ring, Piaget Possession icon, is the symbol of the ceremony celebrating love. The jewel aspires to a moment of sharing, love, happiness… But this one is not satisfied with the representation of love, since through its advertising campaign “Turn and the word is yours”, all the faces of love can be found.

The Symbolic Possession of Piaget: Diamonds, Pink Gold, and…

Turn, turn, and in one gesture capture the world. The Piaget Possession bracelet is inspired! The diamond-set rotating bezel is said to represent the infinite cycle of life and eternity, while the movement of the bezel is said to inspire the wearer to take control of their life and make their own choices.

The Possession collection features a rotating bezel, which can be turned around the center band of the bracelet.

The Possession bracelet has thus quickly become an iconic piece of jewelry, especially among women! In addition to the original bracelet, the signature collection of Piaget diamond expertise has expanded to distill this symbolism into complete jewelry… Rings, necklaces and earrings, all featuring the same rotating bezel design.

Over the years, Piaget has continued to update and evolve the Possession collection. By working with new materials, colors and designs, Possession now counts as a perfect blank canvas for Piaget artisans.

History Piaget Possession Bracelet 2023

But the house remains true to the original concept — empowering the wearer to seize the moment and take control of their destiny.

In fact, the infinite rotation of the rings amplifies the feeling of independence. And here again, Piaget wants to stage women who take over the world.

Now a precious pendant of the line’s necklace, the eternally moving ring continues to dazzle around the wearer’s neck. On the arm, the iconic ring is found at both ends of an elegant open bracelet. These bangles are now available in pink gold, studded with diamonds and in white gold, fully set.

Aesthetics and sensoriality come together in a sensual jewelry ritual; a gesture that bequeaths the world to the wearer… Once again, Piaget’s excellence and imagination succeed in making the world dream.