Diptyque and Mina Perhonen: Scents and Poetry

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Each season, the famed candle brand Diptyque teams up with Japanese brand Mina Perhonen for an exclusive collection.

For almost 50 years now, Diptyque has been creating scented candles and fragrances that evoke travel and a change of scenery. With legendary exigence, the brand creates refined candles that are veritable symbols of Parisian luxury. For each of its fragrances, the brand seeks the perfect olfactory balance, and each candle is made of 8 high quality waxes in order to recreate the essence of the scent as loyally as possible.

This season, Diptyque is teaming up with the brand Mina Perhonen, founded in 1955 by Japanese designer Akira Minagawa. Born from the designer’s love for Finnish culture (Mina means “I” and Perhonen means “butterfly” in Finnish), the label is all about artisanal art. Specializing in fabrics and prints, the brand creates a unique savoir-faire for each and every one, making for poetic objects and garments.

From this collaboration between Diptyque and Mina Perhnonen was born Ciel, Joie, and Infini, each inspired by poems from Akira Minagaway. These cottony, delicate universes from the two brands come together with harmony and refinement through these floral, herbal, and woody compositions. Patrick Süskind was right when he said in his book “Perfume” that “He who masters odors, masters the hearts of men.”

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