Dior Lady Art

Dior is known for the very special relation they maintain with the art world – by collaborating with six British and American artists, the Monsieur’s brand is pushing the limits of its savoir-faire. This project gave carte blanche to the artists. The objective: transpose their universe into the iconographic vocabulary of the Dior label. Six artists were given free reign to work with Lady Dior. Jason Martin, known for his oscillation effects, created a series of monumental monochrome tablets that become textured sculptures. For Dior, the artist imagined curves of about 2 centimeters in height like an accumulation of pigments. This work was carried out on the Lady Dior with a special technique that allows for working leather to procure a unique and sensual undulating effect.

Then came Daniel Gordon’s turn. Called on for his work with color and his associations of different pigments to generate prints, the artist reinterpreted the emblematic cannage motif by redrawing its graphic lines. Made more spontaneous, almost naive, Dior’s favorite motif becomes all the more poetic for it. Matthew Porter, a photographer who takes on light like no one else, fascinated by dawn and dusk as they descend upon the streets of San Francisco, reproduced one of his favorite scenes for Dior. On the side of the Lady Dior, leather elements are assembled one-by-one to compose an image inspired by the automobile universe and the art of camouflage. Mat Collishaw produces photographs or installations that use nature as a starting point. Getting down to the smallest details, he offers Dior a visual universe marked by themes like life and sexuality. Inspired by one of his major works, he created a print of two butterflies in high definition on the bag. The icon becomes imbued with the poetry of contrast through the velvety realism of their wings.

In the same spirit, Chris Martin reused a frog design from one of his major works – Frog 01. Composed of abstract and sequined lines, he intersperses historical figures and hidden scenes into Dior’s creation, making the Lady Dior even more playful. Finally, Ian Davenport creates his works by applying paint onto sheets of aluminum or stainless steel with syringes. The result: colorful vertical stripes where a number of shades intersect. The artist brings this same essence to Dior by creating a sequence of lines taken from his Colorgall series, adapted to the bag’s leather. In Miami, a pop-up store in LA, Korea, London, China, Dubai, and Paris, the latest versions of the Lady Dior will be revealed in the coming months. Get it while you can; the Dior Lady Art is limited edition only.

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