The Crescent Moon Logo of Marine Serre SS 22: Under the Seal Of Upcycled Fashion

Marine Serre presented her collection in a film dubbed Ostal 24; a collection baptised “Fichu pour Fichu”n in which her crescent moon logo was stamped on her most experimental silhouettes yet.

Marine Serre’s Crescent Moon Logo: Revealing Innovative Fashion

The presentation of the Marine Serre collection can be discovered here. A film baptised Ostal 24 that plunges the designer’s silhouettes into a poetic and dreamlike aesthetic. “On top of that, a film lastst longer than a show; it can live on the internet. Whether you’re alone, in town or in the country, you can still access it. A lot of people can see it and I like that a lot.”, explained Marine Serre.

Marine Serre

With the dexternity for which we know her, Marine Serre once more elevates ordinary fabrics to the rank of extraordinary pieces; from cotton and bedsheets belonging more to the domestic world than that of the runway, from forks and spoons, Marine Serre composes pieces of an insane desirability.

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The iconic crescent moon, a true brand signature, is thus stamped on pop-hued bath towels which are intertwined with linen rags to give birth to coats, skirts and shirts of a pioneering chic. For their part, denim and tees were torn apart in pieces and put back together to form jackets and second-skin dresses of a surprising beauty, and evidently fashionable.

Marine Serre

Thus Marine Serre’s crescent moon watches over an unheard of fashion made out of the old; 45% of materials are regenerated, whereas another 45% are recycled. “I get asked all the time: What’s the next step for fashion? In real life, you see people make what they have last, sharing it with one another. I want to adopt that same approach in my clothes, prolonging them in life. At a certain point, we could even attain a level where we wouldn’t even need to wear clothes. And if that is the case, I know that I would have the energy to move on to something else. I think that is the philosophy that a young and committed brand should have.”