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There exists no perfume more legendary than Chanel N°5, capturing Coco’s originality forever. Today, the brand is offering nose Olivier Polge the chance to reinvent their iconic formula. To do this, the weight of a legacy and the myth surrounding the scent could very well have proved an obstacle but, au contraire, Polge was able to use it as a starting point on a quest for originality. By working with N°5’s freshness, Olivier Polge took care to give the opulent perfume a touch of levity: “This idea of freshness is essential, and that’s why we called it l’Eau. I like the idea of water since it obviously expresses this freshness. It smells good but also has a certain fluidity.”

And so while L’Eau plays by all the rules of N°5, this is actually just to better get rid of them. The Polge effect releases a flurry of floral notes, most notably ylang ylang that reveals facets of its own. Then Polge goes even further by reworking the base in the driest and most vibrant of ways, using notes of cedar and vanilla. The result? A veritable work of complex and elaborate alchemy incarnated with a simple and light scent. The choice of Lily-Rose Depp to be the face of N°5 L’Eau’s ad campaign thus came naturally. Directed by Johan Renck, the campaign is slated for fall 2016.

In the meantime, 15 super-limited edition copies of the fragrance will be made available in a 900 mL Eau de Toilette format. This exceptional piece is made-to-order; the format is prestigious, crystal, cut like a diamond and sealed with a special skin using unique craftsmanship. The level of rarity is fit for this legendary perfume that perfectly symbolizes the perfuming heritage of Chanel herself.

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