Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé : art is also in the past tense

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Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé : art is also in the past tense

There’s no more Bugatti Chiron in sell. The all 500 copies have been sold. The three last versions destined for Europe are currently leaving the Molsheim plant, and these three models are a bit special as they are dedicated to the memory of Ébé Maria Teresa Bugatti, the eldest daughter of Ettore Bugatti, the iconic founder of the French firm.

Ebé Maria Teresa Bugatti has especially wrote the biography L’histoire de Bugatti, in which in which many excerpts from his father’s diary were revealed. Even if her name is less famous than her father’s name, She was an important figure for Bugatti, and the brand is paying tribute to her today with several special versions called “Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé”. The colours echo Art Deco, one of Ébé’s great passions.

Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé

There are various references to Bugatti cars of the past. Some elements echo the Type 57 G that triumphed at Le Mans in 1937, notably the blue bodywork with visible carbon fibre and gold inserts. These inserts are found on the diffuser, the spoiler and the wheels. It is absolutely splendid.

The colour scheme is repeated in the interior, with blue carbon and alternating light and dark leather, with the colours reversed between the driver and passenger sides. As you can see in the picture below, each of the two door panels also shows the evolution of the front end of the various Bugatti cars, from the first racing cars to the Chiron.

The interior of the Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé

As said previously, The Chiron will gradually leave the Molsheim factory and will no longer be produced. The powerful 8.0 litre W16 with 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm of torque will soon be retired and replaced in 2024 by a model with a highly electrified powertrain.

Bugatti has merged with Croatian company Rimac, a company that specialises in the design of 100% electric supercars. The next Bugatti is expected to be a hybrid, and the new engine will probably be developed in the brand’s new research centre to be built in Italy’s Motor Valley.

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