Breguet Reine De Naples

Breguet is organizing an exhibition called “Reine de Naples” from October 22 to November 22 at the Musée Breguet in Paris’ prestigious place Vendôme. It’s a celebration in honor of the 200th anniversary of the delivery of the very first bracelet-style watch, a piece of jewelry that has since become legend.

In 1810, Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples and Napoleon’s sister, put in a special order with a loyal watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Breguet. The avid jewelry enthusiast asked for “a watch for a bracelet”. This notorious order #2639 was delivered 2 years later. The bracelet-style watch was born. Ahead of her time, the Queen of Naples was the first to wear the novel object in 1812. The piece wouldn’t appear on the wrists of commoners until around 1880, and even then they were few in number.

This exhibit is also an occasion to celebrate the Reine de Naples collection’s 10th birthday. In 2002, Breguet breathed life into this exceptional watch once more by creating a new line inspired by Caroline Murat’s original jewel. Since the watch’s original incarnation had long ago disappeared into the mists of time, it became necessary to consult the brand’s archives, where Abraham Louis-Breguet recorded the entirety of his work.

For this double-birthday, the brand is releasing a new watch, reference #8908, that joins aesthetic and technique with the image of the Queen of Naples’ original timepiece. This watch, fashioned from white gold and Tahitian mother of pearl, is also encrusted with 117 0.99 carat diamonds. With its supple, refined gold-chain bracelet, it renews all the attributes of the exemplary original.

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