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The story behind champagne manufacturer Bollinger goes way back; the firm Renaudin-Bollinger & Cie was first founded in 1829. In light of its current anchoring in time, one might think that the brand was always the flavor of the day – and yet the truth is a bit different. The story begins with Athanase de Villermont, youngest in a family of nobles with a bright destiny. He proved himself as a soldier on the battlefield of the American War of Independence. Upon his return, Athanase inherited his family’s vast domain in the vicinity of Aÿ. His visionary and ambitious spirit would soon sniff out the vast potential of Champagne wines. But in those days, an aristocrat was unable to engage in commerce – this was reserved for the bourgeoisie! That’s why the day when Villermont met Paul Renaudin, a great traveller who left his native Germany to learn how to deal in Champagne wines, the aristocrat didn’t hesitate a moment: on February 6, 1829, Renaudin-Bollinger & Cie was founded. Joseph was in charge of sales, while Paul took care of the cellar.

Centuries later, their reputation needs no introduction. Bollinger shines with its density and subtlety. Its delicate assembly of nectars is the expression of a harvest and a majority of wines kept in reserve in the brand’s cellars, sometimes for over 15 years. This is quite the accomplishment. Its golden robe is the distinctive calling card of the black grapes of Champagne, while on the palate, the subtle combination of structure, length, and vivacity is as ravishing as velvet. Today, Bollinger’s Special Cuvée is available in a Jeroboam double magnum format. Now the holidays are an ideal excuse for connoisseurs to break out a bottle!

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