Belvedere’s Made With Nature Vodka With Lison de Caunes

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Belvedere’s Made With Nature Vodka With Lison de Caunes

The 2021 edition of Made With Nature yearly piece of art which accompanies the iconic Belvedere vodka is, this time around, the work of Art Master Lison de Caunes.

Belvedere Made With Nature Vodka: A Crossroads Between Two Exceptionnal Know-hows

As is every year, the Belvedere house offers a very special work of art two accompany its emblematic Belvedere vodka. Dubbed “Made With Nature”, this project, as artistic as it is artisanal, aims to showcase exceptionnal know-hows and expertises inspired by nature. This year, it’s up to Art Master Lison de Caunes to honor the trust that Belvedere has given her with this task.

Vodka Belvedere

Thus, the iconic super-premium Belvedere vodka meets the raw talent of Lison de Caunes around a platter dedicated to tasting. A unique object made of straw marquetry that inspires the senses, and voluptuousness. Belevedere indicates that “this round platter, measuring 34.5 centimeters of diameter, was imagined to sublimate the Belvedere vodka tasting experience. At its heart, a blue circle is placed to welcome the bottle. It takes around 24 hours to make, entirely by hand, the Belvedere platter. Every piece is one off, signed with a hot iron and numbered.”

Made With Nature Vodka…

This object, that gives a whole new purpose to the tasting ritual, also pays homage to grain and cereal, while still preserving the iconic blue touch for which this vodka is known for, as it is in the bright landscapes of north-east Poland’s Bartezek’s 2 000 translucent glaciers that the Belvedere adventure begins.

Vodka Belvedere

In these lands, rye grain is sort of stressed by low temperatures; by developing less starch, it distills particular aromas: delicate and flowery notes, spicy and fresh, that we find in Belvedere’s vodka.

This tasting platter imagined by Art Master Lison de Caunes for Belvedere embodies, in its brilliance, the encounter between two ancient expertises and methods, both preserved their will, as well as their passion for magnificent things and brilliant flavors.

Made to order and in a very limited edition, this work of art personifies a reasonable vision of the object’s production from both parties. It embodies the value of sharing, but also that of respect for nature, offering an experience more beautiful than it is venerable.