A Succession of Clutches, Gucci’s New Accessory Fall/Winter 2017-2018

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Ever since taking over as head of Gucci, Alessandro Michele has never ceased to combine the label’s iconic codes with the insane creativity of newer generations. In line with the times, Gucci’s creative director presented a Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection in Milan that’s a mix of past and present, reality and ideals, like an alchemist: “Before starting the collection, I discovered the work of a 15th century alchemist. I was fascinated by the idea of transforming things you love but also that you hate and that, in a sense, contaminate you just as much. Being a human is not about being content with what you have; it’s about transforming, injecting in life, culture, literature.”

And so the heroes of this latest Gucci drama come by one by one, each distinct from the rest. Within a futuristic plexiglass tunnel that served as a catwalk, men and women took on a number of inspired looks. Michele’s silhouettes seem straight out of a fantasy realm, but it’s the depth of his creation that bears witness to the accuracy of his analysis. This season, a succession of all the brand’s iconic bags in miniature versions opens the door to a new way of understanding accessories.

His overflowing creativity nourished by his passion for flowers, the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, animals, literature, color, and rock music meets Gucci’s key pieces here: the bamboo bag and the eternal green-red-green stripe in the brand’s own canvas made of crocodile or ostrich leather. These influences yield a three-piece item that bequeaths a strange, improbable, hybrid allure that’s extremely desirable.

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