10 Iconic and Emblematic Hotels of Courchevel

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10 Iconic and Emblematic Hotels of Courchevel

Courchevel, the most glamorous ski resort in the galaxy, brings together hotels as luxurious as they are iconic. True palace experiences that have given the highest reputation of excellence in the highest village of the Trois Vallées resort.

Courchevel: 10 Emblematic Hotels Of Savoir-Receiving

The Three Valleys are the largest ski area in the world; linked by ski lifts and slopes whose powder has delighted skiers since 1946. But it is the highest village in the resort, Courchevel 1850, which attracts skiers in search of luxury and pleasure.

It must be said that Courchevel has the most stars in the world, per km2. Between the Michelin-starred restaurants, hotels and palaces in the resort – Courchevel is undoubtedly the most chic ski resort in the world. Symbols of this much sought-after savoir-vivre, the emblematic hotels of Courchevel welcome a public from all over the world to experience this savoir-faire.

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Among the iconic hotels in Courchevel: Les Airelles, Cheval Blanc, L’Apogée, Chabichou, Lana, K2, Strato and Annapurna.

Les Airelles in Courchevel

The first true five-star luxury hotel in Courchevel, nestled in the Jardin Alpin area, the resort’s prestigious residence, this snow palace is a fairytale palace. With its rooms and five restaurants, the atmosphere allows you to immerse yourself in the magnificent Austro-Hungarian Alpine splendor of the 19th century. It is located in pine forests, on the snow-capped peaks of the Three Valleys. Decorated with wood paneling, antique objects and antique rugs, the thirty-seven rooms and fourteen suites that compose it offer an atmosphere of stunning charm – paneled with old wood and decorated with handmade ceramics …

The resort’s legendary palace, Les Airelles is an exceptional place in Courchevel where it is good to taste the pleasures of life.

As soon as you reach the heights of Courchevel, it is this silhouette that stands out from the snow-capped valleys of Savoy. A castle planted at the foot of the largest ski area in the world: the building is as impressive as it is idyllic.

Each year, the legendary palace welcomes crowned heads from all over the world – from Princess Anne of England to Prince Albert of Monaco, including the Prince of Saudi Arabia … They find it very special.

But with in this legendary chateau, the staff make no difference – every guest is treated with the same enthusiasm. Day and night it works to provide their guests with the perfect stay. “Our mission is to transform the stay of our guests into a real experience that gives them only one desire, that of returning,” assured former general manager Jacques Charles.

Cheval Blanc, the jewel of Courchevel

They say that staying here means never wanting to go elsewhere. 5 stars, unparalleled authenticity – the Cheval Blanc is a confidential chalet, also located in the very prestigious Jardin Alpin de Courchevel 1850.

It must be said that at the outset, Bernard Arnault acquired it for his own profit. He indeed bought this old hotel to make it his chalet. But not having obtained the authorization to make it a private place, he decided to create his first hotel. In his image and as he would have arranged it for himself.

With the exception for theme, Cheval Blanc has 34 rooms and suites, designed with elegance and refinement. Works of art, designer objects, noble woods and patinated leathers; art is mixed here with the most cutting-edge equipment.

A reference to the prestigious red Bordeaux Saint-Emilion from the LVMH group, the Cheval Blanc Courchevel palace specifies its exceptional character by evoking many cultures such as those of the Celts, Germans or Mongols …

From a Guerlain make-up workshop in the presence of Olivier Echaudemaison himself, to a dog sled ride; from jewelry exhibitions in small groups such as Bvlgari or Chaumet to a few Dior, Fendi or Vuitton presentations, to bespoke Cheval Blanc branded skis developed with the Lacroix house… The surprises are here behind each of the doors!

L’Apogée, the Hyper-Luxe Refuge

A hyper-luxury refuge with 53 rooms, located some 200 meters from the Cheval Blanc… Inaugurated in December 2013, and open only during the winter season, the 9,000 square meter palace is warm to combine intimacy with elegance… It It must be said that it is the renowned architects Joseph Dirand and India Mahdavi who imagined each element of the interior decoration. But it is around a specific project that its impeccable contemporary style develops: L’Apogée aims to create a mansion perfectly suited to the mountains.

From the luxurious bathrooms in Fior di Bosco marble to the comfortable armchairs located at the corners of the fireplaces, everything has been designed to harmonize the place as the epitome of contemporary luxury. The use of noble and warm materials thus contrasts and soothes the brightness of the sun on the snow. The uniqueness of each suite also gives some of them a terrace, a balcony or even extraordinary panoramas over the snow-covered forests of the valley!

Chabichou, Family Luxury

Le Chabichou is a beautiful family story that never lacks ideas to meet the expectations of its guests. Small chalet turned big, the Chabichou is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Courchevel – and its atmosphere is iconic!

The rooms of the Chabichou offer a mountain and contemporary style, whose warmth and luxury remain etched in the memory … The decoration is woody, mountainous, while remaining chic … The rooms are decorated in an Alpine style, rather rustic in short , for a cozy atmosphere, ideal for relaxing. Authenticity and a warm welcome are what forged the reputation of this illustrious hotel in Courchevel.

Since 1988, the hotel has been rated 4 stars. Today, it unveils 41 rooms that could largely be classified as 5 stars, but Michel Rochedy, the owner of the place, is not keen on it. According to him, it is better to be an excellent 4 star, then he adds: “a 4 star is less scary…” A desire to remain accessible? Without a doubt.

The Hotel Barrière Les Neiges Courchevel

Inaugurated in December 2015, the Hotel Barrière Les Neiges in Courchevel opened a new era for the Barrière group. “A little gem”, which became a palace in 2019, the hotel indeed bears the iconic brand of the group … But here, it is not the Croisette but the Bellecôte slope that the 5-star hotel offers its guests.

It is still this imperative of excellence in service and customer reception that drives the Barrière brothers’ house. Thus, perfection and high standards combine with Alpine tradition to give birth to mountain architecture where stone and wood form a very special atmosphere. At the foot of the monumental staircase leading to the upper floors, a poetic chandelier evokes the light fall of snowflakes in the night….

Exceptional chalet and snow-covered cocoon therefore, the Barrière group wanted a place dedicated to conviviality and family. By displaying the discreet elegance of top-of-the-range comfort, it is a true mecca of luxury and the rules of good hospitality which sits in the heart of the Savoy slopes. Unforgettable winter getaways are now embodied in the new Barrier Spirit, sparkling and warm!

Lana de Courchevel: Very Chic

One of the first palaces in the region, at almost 63 years old, is also one of the last luxury jewels in Courchevel to be family-owned. The Tournier family, guarantors of an exceptional art of hospitality.

Route de Bellecôte, 1958. Joseph Claret-Tournier, visionary from Chamonix, has the idea of ​​planting his hotel there, on one of the most beautiful slopes in Courchevel. This is because the man’s ambition is to impart hospitality there to no other device – there, in an Alpine-style building, he created 20 rooms. A “first rate hotel”; the Lana contributes to making the reputation of Courchevel.

Rustic appearance and iconic pieces of contemporary design – the Lana de Courchevel offers beauty and comfort that is both traditional and very modern. A cozy, luxury and above all relaxed five-star hotel!

k2 Palace and K2 Altitude: Les Adorés De Courchevel

The K2 Palace… We love it for its beauty, of course, but also and above all for its welcome and its services, obviously out of the ordinary.

2011, the K2 is inaugurated on a mountainside along the Cospillot track. It was then a 5-star hotel, designed by the architects of the prestigious Kilimanjaro in Courchevel, another gem of the resort.

A sort of heir to this unique experience, the K2 Palace, associated here with the name of the famous Himalayan summit located in the Karakoram massif, draws its lines from this mountainous region. Where, from Tibet to Nepal, the temples seem to be suspended between heaven and earth. And it is marvelous: by drawing its meaning and its origins in the challenge and the fulfillment of a dream, the K2 then takes on the air of a luxury hamlet, at the foot of snow-covered valleys.

The five private chalets imagined by Philippe Capezzone, are scattered in the heart of the mountain … While the twenty-nine rooms and suites of the hotel illustrate its exceptional character – objects found precisely in Asia, here transformed into works of art on display in the impressive entrance hall it is itself bathed in light. A spectacular look.

The K2 Altitude crashes along the Pralong track. There is a real hamlet that can be discovered – 11 interconnected chalets which, in 2016, were completely renovated. 14 rooms and 18 suites thus connected, immersed in a very contemporary atmosphere. If the K2 Palace offers a luxury setting at the foot of the slopes, the K2 Altitude offers the magic of the peaks. And the spectacle of Courchevel and no other like it.

Like the Goji Spa nestled in its double, the K2 Palace, the K2 Altitude also has this haven of peace and luxury. Immersed in this extraordinary ornament, the Goji Spa strives to make well-being a dimension where neither time nor facts have any influence. Only daydreaming counts!

Le Strato: The Polar Bear

With its mascot the polar bear, one of the latest addition to the Courchevel palaces enjoys an extraordinary heritage – that of the Boix-Vives family, the spirit behind the legendary Strato ski from the Rossignol house.

Construction of the Strato was completed in 2010. And it’s Janine Boix-Vives who best sums up its ambition: “Thanks to Strato, we hope to share with our guests the thousand and one pleasures that skiing and the mountains have offered our family for so many years. . “

Janine Boix-Vives still describes it as “comfort imbued with the art of living and gentleness, for a memorable experience in the heart of the 3 Valleys. “It is true that the atmosphere, entrusted to the decorator duo, Pierre Dubois and Aimé Cécile, who won a Milan Design Award in 2011, perfectly combines contemporary art, mountain traditions and cozy elegance.

Gouged wooden walls, warm light, soft but tangy colors, the Strato was built under slate roofs and wooded facades – 25 suites offering a cozy and poetic experience.

L’Annapurna: Sublime Courchevel.

Here is a harmonious five-star hotel, founded at the dawn of the 1970s by a couple, Christiane and André Pinturault … L’Annapurna, one of the first luxury hotels in Courchevel. And it naturally acts as a benchmark. With all the rooms in a contemporary style, the hotel can boast of a style that is remarkable because it is unique.

Wood, stone and glass thus mingle to gain in panache; the swimming pool, outdoor or indoor, shines with an aspect as calming as it is dreamy. And the endless dream is also part of the gastronomic vision offered by the Annapurna restaurant.

The Mélézin: Savoyard reference

The only Aman hotel in France, the Mélézin in Courchevel exudes luxury inspired by Alpine tradition – frank and warm.

Le Mélézin has all the features of an unforgettable hotel. In its construction, first. Towers but also stretched fabrics, cornices, solid oak … The Mélézin is also complemented by granite stones for an allure made of natural materials. Rough stones contrast with sophisticated woods, while the 31 rooms of the palace cultivate shades as warm as they are natural.

Expertly orchestrated, the atmosphere of the Mélézin is also dressed in a zen directly imported from the beautiful parts of Asia. The penthouse, which is the most prestigious rental, still offers a bird’s eye view of the valley, and the tops of snow-capped fir trees – the surprise? Private access to a jacuzzi carved out of red cedar wood. Idyllic place to sip the signature cocktail Aman Le Mélézin, made with champagne, blueberry and violet flower extract. The luxury of Courchevel, in short.

Nicknamed “the piste to the stars”, Courchevel definitely lives up to its nickname!