X.O Hennessy: A Legendary Cognac

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X.O Hennessy: A Legendary Cognac

With Hennessy X.O., the House of Hennessy initiated a new category of cognac more than 160 years ago – exceptional!

X.O: An Iconic Product

The origin of the house can be read in its emblem – the family crest of its founder, Richard Hennessy, which has since become the symbol of its cognac expertise.

The legendary ‘axe to the point’ signs the most desirable cognacs on the planet This savoir-faire goes back a long way. Almost 255 years ago, to be exact.

An Irish officer in the service of King Louis XV of France, Richard Hennessy discovered the Charente and the town of Cognac at the same time as he was training as a merchant. In 1765 he founded his own distillery which quickly conquered the palaces of the French king’s court…

It is a distillery, but above all a family one, so it is passed on from generation to generation. A rule that applies equally to the founders and the master blenders.

Hennessy XO bottles

And it is in this spirit of filiation that the Hennessy X.O. cognac was conceived. An exceptional product now available for delivery all over the world… But its history is truly French.

In 1870, Hennessy initiated a product like an international for cognacs. With the appellation X.O (for eXtra Old), the first heir brings to the world this cognac as the finest in the galaxy.

Initially reserved for his family and friends, Hennessy X.O is now accessible to all!

Hennessy X.O: An Absolute Reference

The name itself is a reference for cognac. Imagined by Maurice Hennessy, this X.O spirit is an opera of aromas… Composed of one hundred eaux-de-vie, the Hennessy X.O Cognac reveals a deeper facet of this elixir.

And he first imagined it in 1870 for his circle of friends… X.O cognac thus introduced a new style of cognac: bold, rich and complex.

The 100 eaux-de-vie blended to create X.O have been aged for a long time to give this cognac an unequalled robustness. This blend is composed of over 100 eaux-de-vie from the Grande and Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois regions. A rich, spicy, complex and truly historic cognac, designed to accompany a cigar.

Both deep and powerful, its character appeals to connoisseurs, who appreciate its undeniable modernity and the constant revelation of layers of flavour. The term X.O. was invented for this very Cognac in the 19th century, and it was first put into glass in 1870…

On the nose, this product available for delivery here offers a rich and fruity palate. An opera of aromas from which stand out a taste of prunes, raisins and caramel.

Hennessy XO bottles

But it is on the palate that the Hennessy X.O spirit delivers all the grandeur of the house’s savoir-faire. In its amber colour, it delivers a tasting experience where dark chocolate mingles with ripe plums. A hint of cocoa butter and spices brings this ecstatic tasting to a close.

Finally, the finish of Hennessy X.O cognac carries a spicy and vanilla note with all kinds of black fruits on the palate…

Hennessy X.O: A Decanter Celebrated By Many Artists

Each edition of the Hennessy X.O. bottle provides the opportunity for a soaring collaboration. Like the one with Futura, the street artist, or more recently the exceptional decantercreated by Frank Gehry for the 150th anniversary of the X.O.

“I wanted to bring Hennessy X.O to life, so I was inspired by its birthplace and used the crumpling of the material to give it a sense of movement. The materials I chose, catch the light and make it a singular object in its own right. It’s only afterwards that you realise that it’s a bottle of Hennessy X.O.,” explains Frank Gehry.

A collaboration that reflects the fascinating tasting experience that this spirit offers.

Available hereby delivery, at a price of 189€.