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With iridescent colors and a brand new character, Jonathan Saunders seems to be playing with the founder’s groovy past to bring her legendary wrap dress into contact with rebelliousness. The result? Stripes, animal prints, and electrifying colors like turquoise, orange, and gold motifs – these pieces will surely appeal to a new DVF generation. Even better, Jonathan Saunders introduces graphic and geometric lines with rounded angles with sequins or in flowing fabrics.

“I observed African and Japanese fabrics, but also bright colors, manufactured and embroideries. If you cut them diagonally and simply work with them, they keep that facility and ease,” explains the designer. It’s true that the slightly baroque pairing of certain fabrics with each other is able to unexpectedly create an insane desirability. These pieces are more textured, a tad more frivolous, but just as sleek as ever. The wrap dress finally seems to find its light-hearted spirit for Fall/Winter 2017. After all, Saunders says it himself: “I love women. I love understanding how they feel when it’s time to get dressed.” No doubt that for next season, DVF’s women will be able to dart from task to task with a touch of 70s mischief.


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