The Textured Bomber Jacket Fall/Winter 2017-2018 by Hermès

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“Men’s clothing, notably suits, should never be restrictive. Comfort is, for men, something that gets top priority,” emphasizes Véronique Nichanian. Hermès has no equal when it comes to perfecting the essence of something. By uniting comfortable cuts with luxury, it’s the materials that once more reveal all the brand’s style. The atmosphere is more muted at Hermès – the era seems to have little influence on their wardrobe. This is the attitude of a man attached to discreet and timeless luxury. With patchwork wool and sheepskin sweaters, his supple suits with grey and navy blue stripes, verdigris lambskin and cashmere jackets, he cultivates a modern and elegant poise. His wardrobe is his talisman, the one constant in the face of an ever changing world.

The accompanying text for the runway was particularly useful as the designer announced that she emphasized textures that beg to be touched (and decoded). “Rock-mantic” is how she describes her collection. There are so many different ways to express the notion of masculinity that she left the lion’s share to the cut. The style was imagined upon contact with well-reflected materials: “With this collection I worked on proportions – wider pants, bigger shoulders, slimmer pants – without being too exaggerated.” Romanticism can be easily found in a black bomber jacket that brings it down a notch with a dark blue alligator skin band across the chest. This is a must-have in the making.

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