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Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to surprise your loved one. An occasion that Jaeger-LeCoultre is rising to by uniting its savoir-faire with that of Italian leathergoods brand Valextra. Together, they are revisiting the women’s version of the legendary Reverso.

 What better way to celebrate a timeless love than with a timeless watch? This is no doubt what the renowned watchmaker was thinking when they came up with the tweaked-to-perfection Reverso Lady Ultra Thin.

You can only admire the attention to detail evident in this creation, but it is the timepiece’s sheer finesse that makes it a true gem. Based around a square-shaped steel dial, classic and elegant, the ante is then upped by precious stones. A double row bracelet in red leather solidifies this style’s raison d’être: an homage to the feminine utopia of soft passions. Valextra no doubt put much time and effort into carefully selecting only the trendiest of summer 2013 for the bracelet portion of the watch; in addition to red, green and beige versions also make a refreshing appearance, like the first flowers of spring. This one is sure to win over lovers of fashion and just plain old lovers in general!

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