The Perrier Logo: Historical Partner Of Roland Garros

The Perrier logo conveys all the effervescence of a drink that has long refreshed artists and athletes! It has remained virtually unchanged since its creation in the middle of the 19th century.

The Perrier Logo: Strong Colors For A Sophisticated Beverage

If the Perrier logo inspires artists so much, it is because the Perrier company, founded in 1863, has created a logo in the image of its drink – sparkling, lively and energetic!

One name, Perrier, signed with a Gothic typeface, is thus accompanied by two shades that have become iconic. Better still, it is in a bubble that this well-known name encapsulates itself – the name Perrier, which is actually that of Doctor Louis Perrier, the man behind this invigorating drink.

The green, white and yellow color scheme of the Perrier logo is as playful as the drink itself! It evokes a feeling of energy – a certain joie de vivre that is coupled with the uplifting drink.

Bottled for the first time in 1863, water from the natural mineral water source, at Bouillens in Vergèze in the Gard, has continued to inspire artists around the world. And of all decades!

In 1870, the first advertisement for Perrier was accompanied by the slogan “the princess of table waters. Since then, the Perrier identity has passed into the hands of the greatest artists.

Perrier: Sportsmen and Artists

Elegant and inspiring, the Perrier logo has thus given inspiration to artists such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Bernard Villemot, Raymond Savignac, Jean Carlu or even Jean-Gabriel Domergue!

Latest collaboration to date for the first company of bottled sparkling waters – he fresh and sparkling universe of Takashi Murakami in 2020.

“When Perrier contacted me, I thought it was a chance to be able to collaborate with a brand with such a long history. Its name was associated with a number of positive images in my head, such as when I moved to New York when I was 32 years old, when I drank a lot of Perrier, ”confided the artist.

Perrier has also distilled this certain artistic irreverence in a historic partnership with Roland Garros. Since 1928, the colors of the Roland Garros tournament have thus embraced the graphic universe of Perrier.

Over the years, the spirit of these fine “Official Bubbles” has inspired the design of the referee’s chairs and the furniture in the rest and hydration area for Roland Garros players!

Sophie Dubois, President of Nestlé Waters France, further noted of Roland Garros: “It is an extraordinary event with which Perrier shares the values ​​of daring, elegance and modernity. We are extremely proud to be associated with this legendary event and to be able to keep alive the most beautiful of stories. “