The New Paco Rabanne Equation for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

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Since Paco Rabanne’s heritage resides in an intellectual curiosity and a certain enthusiasm when it comes to exploring fabrics; who else could be up to the task of composing a coherent wardrobe for Fall 2017 with an experimental and naive 60s-esque base. The brand’s new creative director rises to the challenge of avoiding cliché, and with emotion and sincerity presented a sophisticated, credible, and pop vision of Paco Rabanne’s icons in Paris.

When Julien Dossena joined the brand in 2013 as creative director, he took over a struggling label with a futuristic signature that was failing to capture the hearts of many at all. Today, just four years later, Julien Dossena has brought back the casual avant-gardism that brought Paco Rabanne its success last century. This season, the cuts of these asymmetrical silhouettes come together within different fabrics to drape over and liberate the shoulders within a style that’s athletic, technical, and highly desirable.

The star piece in this runway sums up all of Dossena’s ideas: comfortable and practical, the dress is composed of two different fabrics for an enveloping, body-conscious vibe, a soft knit developed with the spirit of a dancer’s clothing. Even better, once brought into the ordinary context of the streets, this outfit becomes even more on point – like a spectacle of extreme simplicity, imbued with the visionary spirit of Paco Rabanne. It has all the makings of a must have for next season.




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