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White is first and foremost made of light – for Azzedine Alaïa, white encloses a sort of rigor, an architecture so close to his own creations that are every bit as sculptural. Inspired by Vassily Kandinsky’s definition, “White acts on our soul like a silence, a nothingness, before any beginning.”, the couturier and his team made white the shade of choice for the label’s second olfactory opus – Eau de Parfum Blanche. Simplicity and rare elegance are captured in the heart of a fragrance that’s as transparent and powerful as a ray of light.

The same team of creators behind the first fragrance took charge of Eau de Parfum Blanche’s composition – Carla Sozzani, Marie Salamagne, Martin Szekely, and Paolo Royersi all mobilized around the couturier: “In this new adventure,” explains Marie, “I went towards a white and milky florality, a tad more solar, while adding a powdery side as well as the richness of vanilla and a musky addiction within a timeless elaboration.”

The result is shockingly evident. Inspired by the Alhambra in Grenada, jewel of medieval Spanish architecture, the flask uses the same spirit in its blocks of stone and cut-out motifs that, like a veil, shut out the entire world… Vegetal, calligraphic, and geometric motifs evoke for Alaïa the effects of thread and chain that seem to play with light here like a supple chiffon.  Discover it now!

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