The Monaco Chronograph Watch by TAG Heuer

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The Monaco Chronograph Watch by TAG Heuer

In 1880, Edouard Heuer, founder of the brand, had already started to make chronographs in succession. His obsession for precision and innovative excellence allowed him to quickly establish himself as an official provider for competitions and athletic events, his second greatest passion. This prestigious heritage has been perpetuated by his descendants, from generation to generation. It is thus that Jack Heuer created the new Chronomatic Calibre 11 in 1969, the world’s first chronograph that featured micro-rotor movement. After dressing this model up with a square casing, the Monaco came into being.

An homage to the Grand Prix, it boasts a geometric, quadrangular silhouette and is graced with a metallic blue casing as well as a bright red second-hand. Its innovative aesthetic is unique and inimitable, setting it aside from all other timepieces. It was immediately adopted by Steve McQueen, famous actor from the 60s and 70s, who wore it around his wrist in the movie Le Mans. Retracing 1970’s Le Mans 24 Hours race, this cinematic work brought the two symbols together: man and his object of desire. The Monaco thus became a symbol of the union between sport, prestige, and masculine glamour. Its success has been enormous, and the limited number of copies produced with each release gives it a certain exclusivity. Redesigned, revisited, and perfected, its technological prowess makes it an unremitting style. The Monaco 24 is resistant to shock and extreme movements, while the V4 is the first to be equipped with transmission belts and an augmented caliber.

The latest ambassadors that have sanctioned its entry into Hollywood are Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. The Monaco has definitively established itself as an authentic celebrity, positioned at the colliding of two different worlds. Timeless and ever on point, it is eternal, defying time itself all while capturing it in its dial.

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