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Big travelers knew that Louis Vuitton had the power to create a unique object to accompany them on their adventures. In 1905, the brand created a trunk-bed for Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza’s expedition into the Congo; in 1962, it was a teacase for the Maharajah of Baroda, while in 1939, a trunk-desk was made for King Farouk of Egypt. Vuitton’s trunks incarnate a unique style with neutral colors, sophisticated minimalism, and natural materials. They are evocative and filled with emotions. The greatest names in fashion still collaborate with the brand to reinvent this timeless trunk.

This year it’s American photographer Cindy Sherman’s turn to celebrate the monogram and to revisit the original trunk. This limited edition of only 25 copies includes a luxurious vanity case, a messenger bag for cameras, and 31 drawers to slip her work accessories into: wigs, fake eyes, fake teeth, and fake nails. She also took inspiration from the patchwork of hotel stickers on vintage Louis Vuitton trunks that the founder collected. Hundreds of thousands of trunks have been created by the Louis Vuitton workshops since a century and a half ago, and they can be found in the four corners of the Earth. Some of them are tucked away in attics, others have found their way into museums, and some are still on the road. The iconic Vuitton trunk is reinvented each and every day, allowing for experiences imbued with imagination and emotion alike.

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