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On Thursday January 19, 2017, Kim Jones, creative director for Louis Vuitton’s men’s collections, teamed up with New York label Supreme to siphon off some of their hype. “Supreme is Louis Vuitton” is a collection that brings streetwear into the excellence and nobility of the centennial brand’s pieces. Supreme, founded in New York in 1994, quickly gained favor with skaters before seeing its label get picked up by cool kids around the world. “Today, you can’t talk about New York men’s fashion without Supreme, which has become such a huge world phenomenon. […] I just have the feeling that with the strength of their graphicness combined with the strength of Louis Vuitton’s and that pop art feeling, it works perfectly.” This is how Kim Jones introduced the idea for this collaboration – a collaboration whose trunk is worth noting, as it’s made in a bright red and signed by Supreme.

With plenty of carefully filtered references, the collection is a model for practical luxury. Leather trench coats, a robe jacket made of double-sided vicuna wool or woven mohair and leather, an alligator skin blouse lined with shearling, a cashmere sweater on poplin, a pajama-esque silk shirt with an ad motif from the brand’s archives, a camouflage jacket mixing Louis Vuitton’s monogram and Supreme’s logo… Everything is decked out with a red and white leather bearing the same double signature. This style appeal is largely incarnated in the legendary Louis Vuitton trunk that is this year taking on a ghetto blaster look.

Kim Jones tells it like it is: 70s downtown New York was the backdrop for creating this Fall-Winter 2018 collection. Creative, multicultural, festive, and decadent, the period from the 70s to the 90s saw some of the most beautiful stylistic advancements. Like an ultra-luxurious homage to the period, the Louis Vuitton ghetto blaster trunk, like the entire collection, will only be released in a handful of Louis Vuitton boutiques from July 17th onward.

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