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When Jackie Kennedy opened the door to a Gucci boutique in 1964, she didn’t expect to find a companion that would remain faithfully at her side forevermore. She liked the bag so much that she bought six of them! Not one, not two. Six.

The bag, first conceived in 1955, is instantly recognizable for its signature push-lock closure and rounded edges; Gucci’s double G logo and distinctive red and green stripe on the side were added later. In the late 60s, the Italian designer decided to rechristen the bag “Jackie O” in honor of it’s biggest fan, style icon Jackie Kennedy (aka Jackie Kennedy Onassis).

In the 80s, the Jackie O became a “must have” and was flaunted on the shoulders of personalities like Nicole Kidman, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow. These icons amplified the Jackie’s glory even more.

In 2009, creative director Frida Giannini tinkered with the original design to develop a new, larger version of the classic Jackie O: the New Jackie. This “deconstructed” version of the Jackie O bag keeps the rounded appearance and fine attention to detail of the original, but adds a variety of energetic color choices, a wider shoulder strap, leather tassels, and finely finished bamboo detailing. Whether it’s the classic Jackie O or the New Jackie on your shoulder, you are sure to be flaunting impeccable style.




Gucci’s Jackie Bag: Key dates


1950 : Gucci designs an unisex hobo shoulder bag named Constance.

1964 : The bag is officially renamed Jackie, after the style life-setting and former American first lady Jackie Kennedy who goes crazy for it.

1969 : Barbra Streisand is photographed with a Jackie bag.

1970 : The actor Peter Sellers is repeatedly portrayed while carrying the Jackie bag.

1971 : The great dramatist and writer Samuel Beckett is portrayed while carrying a Jackie bag.

1999 : Gucci’s creative director Tom Ford revamps the bag with a modern touch: for the first time it appears in new colours, motifs, capsule collections and limited editions.

2009 : For the Spring/Summer collection Gucci’s new artistic director Frida Giannini significantly redesigns the bag and renames it New Jackie. The legend continues.  

2010 : Gucci issues the first editions of the Jackie in python leather.

2011 : The Gucci Museum in is opened in Florence: a full collection of Jackie bags since the 50s is one of the main pieces.

2013 : Gucci launches a sustainable capsule collection of the Jackie bag to save the Brazilian rainforest and one auctioned at Christie’s to support Chime for Change.

2014 : Kate Moss stars for the iconic New Jackie’s campaign “I am Jackie”.

2014 : Gucci launches the new Jackie tote bag.

2015 : Alessandro Michele comes back to the origins by proposing a line of Jackie bags displaying the traditional symbols of the maison.

2016 : Salma Hayek, Cate Blanchett and many other stars are spotted while carrying the Jackie.

2016 – 2018 : Alessandro Michele revolutionizes the Jackie bag: tiger heads and capsule collections with straw and glass ornaments start to pop up.

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