The Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Pencil Silhouette by Bottega Veneta

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Tomas Maier presented in Milan what is without a doubt the most powerful and effective collection since his taking over of Bottega Veneta’s creative direction. It seemed privy to the 80s inspirations gaining ground in the fashion sphere, but also to the chic of the 40s. This is a modern, wearable, and highly desirable wardrobe.

“I started concentrating on the silhouette and I was very inspired by illustrations: strong shoulders, cinched and rounded waists with the help of richly colored fabrics,” declared Maier. As per usual, Tomas Maier is tastefully directing Bottega Veneta – the brand’s very signature is their craftsmanship and the work with different materials that takes place in their workshops.

For Fall/Winter 2017, the creative director is designing the silhouette of a woman who’s got that “it” factor by relying on a subtle dose of craftsmanship entirely devoted to chic. Camel meets a straight skirt that’s drawn at the waist, while convex shoulders bring this pragmatic and innovative silhouette in line with the times. Tomas Maier brings old cinematic glamour back in style with gusto.

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