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Alexander McQueen left behind him a brand that is rich in legends, silhouettes, and fabric pairings that are both daring and distinguished. For the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 season, the nature of Cornwall and pagan spirituality inspired the brand’s creative director Sarah Burton. By exalting the fabrics that Alexander himself so adored, she juxtaposes supple leather, comfortable knits, light muslin, and colorful fur on the catwalk.

At the heart of this collection is Cornwall, its mysticism, its medieval ruins, and its paganism. Sarah Burton then went into the label’s rich archives, imbued with a particular craftsmanship that’s now all but gone. There, McQueen’s workshops were able to work with a newfound vigor and a custom inspiration for pieces tinged with the rites of the supernatural. Alexander McQueen’s women become priestesses, full of spirit and style.

The key piece within this wardrobe is undeniably an ode to McQueen’s breed of sensuality; a special kind of magic is given off by this long dress adorned with sequins, finished off with beautiful ostrich feathers. This is a lovely demonstration of the quintessential hand-made design and the masterful precision that are the very foundation of McQueen style.

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