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It was out of respect to a man as classy as he was bold that one of Guccio Gucci’s sons decided to forge his initials into the heart of the label. The double G was born – and the fact that the letters are interlaced is no accident. This signature indeed symbolizes the original desire of the brand’s founder to unite Tuscan craftsmanship with the elegance of the British nobility. A direct reference to the equestrian world, the double G generated the Gucci legend along with a visual code and a breed of timeless chic.

In the 70s, the brand’s heirs decided to go international: the two Gs exported their idea of an eclectic and flamboyant luxury. Composed in the brand’s original forge on Via delle Caldaie in Florence, it was first used as a clasp for the brand’s future classic bags before being transformed in different ways. Sometimes in gold, sometimes in silver, it ignites all of Gucci’s audacity. Today, Alessandro Michele is bringing it back into style with the same exuberance he’s known for. For the Cruise 2018 collection, the iconic motif can be found on a mink fur. By reintroducing the double G, Michele is marking the timelessness of his lines all while creating a piece made through a sophisticated procedure. Individual pieces of mink were inserted to compose the motif.

The result: a wildly desirable coat that reflects all the elegance of Italian craftsmanship.  The double G also enjoys a highly distinguished reputation, as it’s always been found on an aristocratic and popular clientele. Stars with evocative names like Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, and Samuel Beckett were all fans. The double G signature is thus often considered as the most popular and recognizable of logos. Today, it now marks one of the most in-demand pieces of the season – a piece that finally goes back to Gucci’s greatness in the 70s.

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