The Dior VIII in Pink Gold

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The Dior VIII in Pink Gold

“I wanted to be an architect; being a couturier, I’m obliged to follow laws, principles of architecture”, once said Christian Dior about his couture. The Dior VIII watch, the fourth line of watches born in 2011, pursues this same quest for composition. With its graphical design and precise construction, it incorporates all the magnificent structure of Dior’s clothing, as well as that of the famous Swiss line of watches.

 Inspired by Dior’s “tailleur bar”, the watch is available in three different versions, like a complete feminine wardrobe. For early birds and morning glories, Dior Haute-Horlogerie is releasing a never-before-seen version of the Dior VIII 33 mm automatic. Slated for April, this timepiece is under revision for 2013, like a true jewel ever adorning the present moment. The bracelet is still dressed up in ceramic, either black or white, indicative of a carnal and brilliant modernity. As for the bezel, it is adorned with diamonds, nacre, and pink gold. The original color of this precious metal blends seamlessly with the rest for a soft, tender, and gracious harmony; the singularity and luminescence of the watch have thus become transcendent. Bezel, dial, back, crown, and buckle: these pieces come together to create numerous delicate curves that fit in perfectly and elegantly with the harsh design of the bracelet’s links.

 A true hymn and homage to the rules of the Dior brand, this luxurious accessory incarnates the number 8, the couturier’s favorite number but also an inverted version of the symbol for infinity. The new Dior VIII is discrete and radiant, sober and sophisticated at the same time. A resolutely unique object of desire, it is absolutely absolute.

 Véritable hymne et hommage aux codes de la maison Dior, ce luxueux accessoire incarne le 8, chiffre fétiche du couturier mais aussi symbole inversé de l’infini. La nouvelle Dior VIII est discrète et rayonnante à la fois, sobre et sophistiquée : objet de désir résolument unique, elle se veut absolue et absolument. 

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