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Almost 16 years after his departure from London for Paris Fashion Week, Hussein Chalayan is reuniting with the British runways once more to yield a collection that’s composed like a cultural melting pot. By taking Greece as a starting point, Hussein Chalayn is using the cradle of civilization, born from a unique cultural mixing in its own right, to fuse his love for art, fashion, and performance. Known for his theatrical penchant that borders on genius, the artist introduced an elegant and minimalist Fall/Winter 2017-2018 as per usual – but this time, the designer revealed what he calls “the modern reincarnation of ancient values” with an explosion of sequins.

Presented in the Sadler’s Well Theatre, his collection veered off the beaten path with shirts that contain a built-in coat, as if tied at the waist. This silhouette draws attention as it bears witness to Chalayan’s deep historical and stylistic comprehension as he rises to the height of his art. With languid silhouettes that brush up against femininity, Hussein Chalayan touches perfection by creating this piece that’s perfectly cut to highlight everything one expects from femininity without even appearing to do so.

“I wanted to show a mix of protest and celebration that sums up the duality of life. I wanted to provoke an explosion of kitsch, I found that very beautiful,” he explained backstage. The finale definitely lived up to his ambitions, as the models tore off geometric motifs on the front of their outfits marked with the inscription “Pull to Open”. An explosion of multi-color sequins ensued – and that’s how Hussein Chalayan’s show ended.

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