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In 1986, Hogan made a splash in the fashion universe by introducing a pair of sneakers as stylish as they were elegant: the first casual luxury sneaker was born. The Traditional is a piece that has dusted off the chicest of get-ups. For a long time luxury brands snubbed this archetype of streetwear that the Italian label pioneered. Inspired by cricket shoes, the Traditional was originally made of canvas before being released in leather. 

10 years later, Hogan is releasing “Athletic”, a sneaker that brings the Italian brand a sporty and urban DNA while putting luxury in the details. Informal elegance is one of the key concepts for Hogan, so it’s no surprise to see that today the brand is cozying up with the most influential bloggers to promote quality and innovation with a simple idea: customization of the legendary sneaker. The brand that practically invented luxury sneakers is thus offering 64 possible combinations.

Starting April 4th, a limited edition of just 500 copies around the world were made available. The H320 adopts a sole, a heel, or laces in black, white, silver, and gold. Even better, three letters can be affixed in a single color to add a special touch to the iconic shoe. A video for the project was produced in collaboration with five bloggers who were the main actors. Each of them was filmed as a personality that fits in this universe. Xenia Tchoumi, for example – a Swiss blogger of Russian origin who recently spoke to the UN about digital and female autonomy, or Tatjana Catic, a fashion blogger and globe trotter with over a million followers. The Custom Made Project by Hogan can be discovered now!

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