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Starting in September and continuing until mid-November the Royal Monceau Raffles will be sharing a brand new experience offered by Krug within its own legendary restaruant “Il Carpaccio”. Each year, Krug chooses an ordinary and well-known ingredient and invites different “Krug Ambassador” chefs around the world to work with it. Today, it’s starred chef Roberto Rispoli’s turn to orchestrate one of the most accomplished taste experiences of the year. This year, Krug opted for the simplicity and aesthetic minimalism of the egg.

Renowned for his savvy way of revisiting great classics of Italian cuisine, Roberto Rispoli poetically and elegantly composes his menus. The Croq’Krug is presented as an ideal food pairing – the simplicity of the egg gives the chef free rein for his creativity; this is how Krug Grande Cuvée naturally brings this basic up to the ranks of a true delight. Krug et Œuf is presented as a pairing that, from the very beginning, seems simple and apparent but is actually extremely loyal to the nonconformist spirit of Joseph Krug. For lunch or dinner, the egg is presented as a soft-boiled amuse-bouche within the heart of an artichoke dressed with truffle vinaigrette, or with saffron on a mini spinach burrata tart. This delectable treat is available now at the Royal Monceau Paris.

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