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Next season, Chanel is literally going to space – Karl Lagerfeld even thought of the rocket. After his Data Center collection for Spring/Summer 2017, the idea of a Chanel woman in space lit up the creative director’s imagination. Within the decor of N°5’s launch center at the heart of the Grand Palais, at the foot of an immense 37-meter tall rocket, close to 90 models presented absolute chic when it comes to thinking what one would wear in space. “This is a journey to the sky, at the heart of the constellations, following that of astronaut Thomas Pesquet,” explains Karl Lagerfeld.

With futuristic and retro touches, the iconic Chanel suit is reinvented to accommodate the helmet that’s indispensable to a zero-gravity jaunt. With a subtle, highly technical trompe-l’oeil effect, its square-shouldered sleeves look like they’re coming straight out of a layered vest. The wrists are covered with silver fingerless gloves; the most striking feature is a rigid ring like the one on astronauts’ outfits, reproduced here as the piece’s collar. As if ready to take in a helmet when coming back from space, it gives a touch of modernity to this most classic of classics.

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