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“I make my own rules, my style, my look, my time.” This is the spirit of the J12 XS. With its chameleon form that’s reduced to the essentials, the new timepiece being offered by the house on rue Cambon is exceptional in that it pairs and perfects the usual conventions of jewelry. With 19mm of diameter, the J12 XS is surprising in its size but especially for its excessive nature. After all, it’s all about upkeep.

A mini version of the iconic J12, the J12 XS has detached itself from its predecessor by transforming into a couture accessory. Far from being rigid, the watch seems to hide wherever it fancies – perched on a ring or slipped into the folds of a glove, the J12 XS can be paired with any style and becomes a piece like no other. Paradoxical? Absolutely not. This is just an unexpected touch of refinement, bound to become an icon of tomorrow. Its time is precious and gives it value. On a large leather bracelet, the J12 XS whirs around a cuff just like a double-tour Chanel watch. It becomes even more precious when mounted on a lace-engraved leather bracelet, hand embroidered by Lesage, or flanked with a line of brilliant or baguette diamonds. This excessive allure brings to mind how Coco liked to transform the value of her creations, upsetting genres and functions in her wake.

This timely art is characteristic of the brand’s DNA, which today finds itself inscribed into the J12 XS with the same philosophy as always. With determination, the J12 XS resolves the fundamental question of watchmaking or diamonds by finally affirming that it’s only a matter of flexibility.

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