The Chanel Haute Couture 2020 Collection

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The Chanel Haute Couture 2020 Collection

After the monastic allure of Chanel’s previous Couture collection, Virginie Viard says: “I wanted complexity, sophistication.”

The Chanel Haute Couture 2020 Collection, Opulence And Extravagance

“I was thinking of a punk princess coming out of the Palace at dawn. With a taffeta dress, voluminous hair, feathers and lots of jewelry. This collection is more inspired by Karl Lagerfeld than by Gabrielle Chanel. Karl went to the Palace, he accompanied these very sophisticated women, very dressed, very eccentric too” announced Virginie Viard.

The Haute Couture woman Chanel 2020 has everything to turn the heads of esthetes. Cheerfully playing on the grammar of Coco and that of Karl Lagerfeld, the Haute Couture Chanel 2020 collection presented the icons of the house as injected with a high dose of exuberance. Starting with tweed.

And because Chanel can count on the exceptional address of all its artistic crafts, the meeting of the Lesage and Montex, Lemarié and Goossens embroidery workshops, gave birth to embroidered, beaded, and frankly mesmerizing tweeds of beauty!

The look of tweed, Coco’s favorite material, became more complex in sequins, rhinestones, precious stones and pearls which, if you look closely, dully revisit the Chanel look.

The legendary tailleur tweed then presented a jeweled breastplate by Goossens – a bit offbeat, but completely chic.

On cocktail dresses, it is the iconic camellias that prick themselves, this time, on these opulent pieces of jewels. Better still, the big evening dresses have fun with the basket cut for even more romanticism. And Virginie Viard says it herself: “For me, Haute Couture is romantic in essence. There is so much love in each of these silhouettes.”

We read that all the admiration that the workshops have for their mission in these pantsuits, stitched with diamond braids.

And then there is especially in this collection a staging of circumstance. A mini-film frozen by Michael Jansson, where the ornaments from the Haute Joaillerie collections come for the first time to complete Chanel silhouettes which are both grandiloquent and ultimately very, very stitching.

A mini-film to watch here.