The Cachet Stilettos Of Sergio Rossi

A magical universe, where all existence breathes in the golden item in question at the very edge of desire. A marked aesthetic that is magnified more than once: Cachet, a shoe by Sergio Rossi, is transformed into a pale, gray, or golden second skin. It’s as if the extremity of the female limb were a kind of sumptuousness to be wrapped up in a shoe smelling of golden foliage: a luxurious offering. This is none other than the work of Italian craftsmanship, made to sparkle without ever shining too bright.

Known for his stilettos, this is by no means Sergio’s first dramatization. Towards the end of every year, he slips his trademark jewels into the shopping bags of a lucky few. Specially transformed just for the occasion, the Italian shoemaker is offering a high-heel who’s crocodile skin and leather are dusted with the softest of allures. The shoe’s outline is symmetrically sized. The arch is supported, the tip is even longer – 11 cm – balanced out by the platform. Open-toed, it allows a single toe to escape. On the topic of his creation, Sergio Rossi said: “I want to be part of the female body, never to cover it.” Cameron Diaz, Sharon Stone, Marion Cotillard… this polymorphous shoe neatly adapts to every style. But this little rarity is rare indeed. The few copies promised to be released are likely to fly off the shelves. Not to worry though, if Christmas bells are already ringing in your ears, you can always specially order them!

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